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Sacha Baron Cohen and Law School Skits

Ok I saw these a while ago… some law school comedy/parody of parody (who would have thought AliG would be dated material…).

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“Ali G” at Cardoza Law School Part 1

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“Ali G” at Cardoza Law School Part 2

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“Borat” at Osgoode Law School (not as strong as the Cardoza, but then again not as edited)

ok… back to work for a bit… Peace – Tim

Radio Radio by Elvis Costello on Saturday Night Live

From This Year’s Model notes on

The following night we made our U.S. television debut on Saturday Night Live. The Sex Pistols had been scheduled for the show only to cancel after an alleged oversight regarding work permits. Needless to say the expected viewing figures for the debut of U.K. punk outrage were in our favour.

We arrived at NBC with the intention of playing a couple of songs from our live set. Maybe something got lost in translation, but none of the humour seemed nearly as “dangerous” or funny as they seemed to think it was, or perhaps they were just having a bad show. The record company interference certainly didn’t help my mood.

We were getting pressure to perform a number from My Aim is True. I honestly believed that the words of “Less than Zero” would be utterly obscure to American viewers. Taking a cue from an impromptu performance by Jimi Hendrix on a late ’60s B.B.C. television show, I stopped this tune after a few bars and counted off an unreleased song, “Radio, Radio”. I believed that we were just acting in the spirit of the third word of the show’s title, but it was quickly apparent that the producer did not agree. He stood behind the camera making obscene and threatening gestures in my direction. When the number was over, we were chased out of the building and told that we would “never work on American television again”. Indeed, we did not make another U.S. television appearance until 1980. Although this clip from SNL went on to be rerun on numerous occasions, I was not allowed back on the show until 1989. However, I was forgiven in time to be invited to re-create the moment, with the Beastie Boys as my backing band, for the show’s 25th anniversary special.

And a Wikipedia Article on the SNL performance.

President Bush Protects 3rd Amendment Rights – Continues to Keep Soliders out of our Homes

KO looks at Bush’s willingness not to cancel out the 3rd Amendment.

And here is a related video of Johnny Cash with the Monkees (I don’t know how YouTube finds it related to the Olbermann one… but it is)…

….and of course that leads to a scene from Repo Man… from Mike Nesmith of the Monkees…

We need more Bobby Knight videos…

Ronald Reagan, Sonny & Cher

Two great late Republicans doing what they do best… entertain… with Cher. Sonny Bono of course is well known for getting Barbara Boxer elected…. by dividing the 1992 Republican Senate primary into a 3 way race, leading to Bruce Herschensohn winning the Republican nomination and former Stanford Law Prof, and current UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Dean Tom Campbell (and Sonny) losing to Bruce. Bruce of course lost to Barbara. No Sonny… Tom wins, Boxer loses. and click here to read why Tom voted to impeach President Clinton as a Congressman in 1999.