My Cousin Vinny

The Law Lord

vinny formality

This is not the forum to be cavaIier.

The Arraignment

is the first the Law Lord hears about an accusation of breach of the peace that jury trial may be used to resolve. a defendant is brought before the Court. the crime of which the defendant will be accused is articulated to the defendant in open court. the court demands the defendant’s plea, either guilty (which requires no trial) or ‘not guilty’ (which requires trial). if trial is required the court then deals with bail.

vinny arraignment

Now… the next words out of your mouth|are either gonna be ”guiIty” or ”not guiIty”.
I don’t wanna hear commentary,|argument or opinion.
If I hear anything other than|”guiIty” or ”not guiIty”,…’II be in contempt.
I don’t even wanna hear you cIear your throat.
I hope I’ve been cIear.
Now… how do your clients pIead?

I think I get the point.

No. I don’t think you do.
You’re now in contempt of court.
– Will you go for two counts of contempt?

|- Not guiIty.

Thank you.
– Bail will be set at $200,000.|- (strikes gavel)

The Preliminary Hearing
judge hammonds

Why didn’t you ask any questions?
vinny - any questions

The Public Defender
vinny public defender

The Logic of Innocence
vinny- you're innocent

Jury Selection
vinny - she'll do

Opening Statement Prosecution
vinny opening statement prosecution

Opening Statement Defense
vinny bullshit

The Public Defenders Disability
vinny pd disability

Cross Examination: How Not To
vinny eyeglasses

Cross Examination: Vinny does Grits
vinny grits cross

Circumstantial Evidence
What i’m asking you
vinny what i'm asking you

Establishing Expert Qualification
vinny expert voir dire

The Last Doubt
vinny sherriff

Dismiss All Charges
vinny dismiss all charges

Well Done!
vinny well done