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Joseph Kim 조셉킴 ジョセフキム 约瑟夫金

The invisible man

Invisible is an option, of course. You can lay low, not speak up and make no difference to anyone. That’s sort of like dividing by zero, though. You’ll get no criticism, but no delight either. – Seth Godin

Some qualities of being invisible:

It’s safe. No one can hurt you because no one can see you.
It’s easy. Laying low means never putting anything out there.
It’s quiet. If you speak up, people may know where you are so to be truly invisible is to be quiet.
It’s comfortable. You’re accountable to nobody, just yourself. Most of us are usually easy on ourselves.

Safe. Easy. Quiet. Comfortable. If you want to be a difference maker, in particular a leader who makes a difference in this world, then these four qualities are probably the qualities you most want to avoid. However, if you want to be a difference maker in this world then we need to be visible. How? Simply look at the qualities of being invisible and consider when you need to be the opposite of safe, easy, quiet, and comfortable.

How can you be more visible in your life today?


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  1. Jarrett

    This is truly the struggle for meaning and influence. Thanks for sharing Joe!

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