Library exhibit: F.Y. Chang HLS Graduation Centennial 

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations this fall, East Asian Legal Studies has curated a library exhibit honoring the centennial of the HLS graduation of Fu-yun Chang (张福运) (1890-1983), a noted educator, diplomat, statesmen, and art collector.

According to the HLS Library website,

After graduating from Harvard College in 1914, [Chang] became the first Boxer Indemnity Scholar to graduate from Harvard Law School in 1917. He went on to become China’s first Director General of the National Customs Administration and led to the achievement of China’s tariff autonomy from foreign government control. The F.Y. Chang HLS Graduation Centennial Exhibit presents key moments from his life and work, offering a glimpse into a particular time in world history, the history of China and the United States, and of Harvard Law School. As the East Asian Legal Studies program celebrates its first five decades during the HLS Bicentennial year, this exhibit also serves as a reminder of the extraordinary contributions our alumni and scholars from East Asia and beyond have made to this institution and to the world.

The exhibit, in the Areeda Hall entrance to the library, will be on view through October.

Emil Andersson (LLM ’11) on his spring break trip to Bulgaria for a Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program project

“As a part of the Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program’s project for the District Court of Sofia I had the opportunity to go to Bulgaria during spring break. The project aims to help the court develop and implement a quality control system for its mediation program. During the trip I met with the different stakeholders. Together with clinical fellow Stephan Sonnenberg I also held on-site workshops where we tried to help the stakeholders to develop a shared view of quality in mediation and come up with suggestions for quality control mechanisms that would fit the Sofia mediation program.”

Sandra Cortesi, Fellow from Switzerland at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, working on the Youth and Media project

“Under the leadership of professors like John Palfrey and Urs Gasser and in the context of exciting projects such as our Youth in Developing Countries initiative, I have been fortunate to work with outstanding academics, policymakers, and educators from places like the Middle East, India, China, Japan, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and Brazil, addressing critical issues of online youth safety, privacy, and the role of information from a truly global perspective. I’m excited about the ways in which we can bring together experts with diverse backgrounds but with a common cause to facilitate open and respectful dialogue among them, from which solutions to pressing real-world problems can emerge.”

Amanda Barry, Program Coordinator, on the Linklaters India Internship presented by the Program on the Legal Profession

“This January I worked on site for the Linklaters India Internship program in Mumbai and Delhi. The program gives students an insight into working in the legal sector of the closed Indian legal market while also conducting research for academic papers. This year we had 10 students interning at 4 firms and one corporate counsel.  Adjusting to working in a new city is both challenging and exciting. The students were already masters of the city by the time I arrived a week into the program. Their ability to adapt to and absorb the culture was astounding. Meeting with the host firms and Jindal Global Law School fostered greater collaboration and support for student research.”