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Version 1.1
Goodness, I read my initial “About Me” and it’s as interesting as a piece of discarded chewing gum left much too long on the cobblestone. If the “kids” in DS106 could create these online wonders, I’m sure I can try to give a better projection of who “Kevin” is!

The basics: I’m currently a student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) within the Technology, Innovation, and Education (T.I.E.) program. I also work full-time as an Instructional Technology Manager. I am originally from Southern California, and as the seasons pass, I’m realizing my heart belongs on the West Coast where Pacific waves quietly serenade the towering pine-lined mountains looming over lonely shadows that dart between the various cacti among the deserts to the north and east.

My academic and career interests include all things connected to instructional technology, information technology, knowledge management, design, photography, art, adult learning, instructional design, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and creative constructivism. Personally, I love the great outdoors, cooking, globetrotting, and unrealistic goals like having a perfect body without too much effort (I’m a gourmand so that makes the ideal a pie in the sky) or the ability to speak ten different languages. Yes, I believe in fairy tales and happy endings but NOT Bronies, they are just creepy!

Secretly I wish my mum was a tiger mom but the only thing feline about her is her Chinese Zodiac animal totem. I can replay all the “what if” scenarios in my head, wishing I had the intense sweatshop math and language tutorial drills mixed in with piano and violin lessons wedged in between karate and gymnastic workouts through my entire K-12 years. Alas, these “what if” scenarios were as realizable as my actually getting a bike to help deliver the local paper when I was a paperboy (at least there was manual labor involved while carrying the stacks of newspaper cradled to my young hip as I labored through the neighborhood). These ponderings and reflections of childhood are my way to explain the many reasons why I have severe impostor syndrome. I am working on driving this particular genie back into the bottle and I know my time at HGSE will equip me with tools to better aid me in my lifelong quest.



Version 1.0
Hello World,
I’m Kevin and I am currently a part-time student at the Harvard School of Education in the Technology, Innovation, and Education (T.I.E.) program. I am also a full time employee at the Harvard Graduate School of Design working in the areas of instructional technology, information technology, and library science. My personal interests are quite diverse and my professional passions include Universal Design for Learning (UDL), adult learner, professional development, technology in teaching & learning, instructional design, innovative information technology solutions, illustration & design, and photography.