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Is “capitalism” bad ?


The Austrian Economics Blog discusses why the capitalism has such a bad name even though “SOCI” experiment failed.

Posner on socializing :-) I like it !


Posner prefers to avoid social life. “People don’t say interesting things,” he says. “A lot of socializing is just dull — I’d rather read a book. I have a friend, an economist who’s Swedish, and he told me that Sweden has terrible television, so people there spend their time visiting each other. But that’s worse, because when you watch television you get some information, you even get some moral instruction, you learn to be nice to single mothers or what have you, but socializing, particularly family — well, that is deadly. When you’re just talking with your friends about trivia, what’s the point?”

would you become socialist because you were chicaned as a child ?


John Jost, Dana Carney and Sam Gosling show in their research paper that the fact that you were chicaned as a child by your “friends” and schoolmates might influence your later political orientation. For those how can read in Czech, we posted short summary of the article and some comments on our blog – please visit or For the only-english speakers 🙂 visit the original source at
(PDF) or on Psychology Today.

We all will be Behavioral Economists…


Here you can find short article about George A. Akerlof`s speech and its consequences in Economic theory. Unfortunately, we publish articles only in Czech 🙁 but with respective links !

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