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We begin (again)

It’s been a long time since I’ve given a shot at writing anything regularly, truth be told, but I think it’s time for me to create a space for it once more, regardless of how much I use it.

For a bit over a year I maintained a LiveJournal, although I never really thought of it as a blog in a classical sense. A lot of good came out of that, even if the majority of the posts were about various personal trivialities. It was born out of a time when I thought such things were interesting to others, and worth preserving for myself. Somewhere along the line, though, it didn’t seem worthwhile anymore. As the world I became a part of got bigger, in the grand scheme of things, worries about grades, school, and the like just seemed… small.

I think now that such a conviction, even if cosmically accurate de jure, scales down poorly in the day-to-day. How are we to function, if we believe our actions are without heft or consequence even to the point that the mere effort of recording them exceeds their value? Non nobis solum nati sumus, no doubt, but to lay such a grandiose cast on each human life is problematic.

For one, you leave people behind. In the winter of my junior year, reaching out to people — strangers at the time — gave me strength and insights into myself and los demás I never knew I needed. One of them remains a lawyer in Halifax, and the other is now happily partnered and living in New Zealand. I’ve lost touch with them, and others, based on my reluctance to put myself out in virtual space. There’s no guarantee that this blog will help restore old ties, or even to make new ones, but the risk, such as there is one, is worth it.

If it cannot be a font of insight, let it be floccinaucinihilipilificatiolicious — that is to say, fluffy and perhaps a bit overwrought, but useful in itself, the results of woolgathering and a desire to cast in text the transient thought.


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