Amazon’s Patent

Earlier this year, Amazon patented a shooting set-up.

The key to the patent being accepted seems to be that the set-up is said to produce perfect product photos that include a slight drop-shadow and need no post-processing. Not a simple task.

Some say Amazon patented the set-up preemptively, to avoid future challenges to its workflow. Many think it is unenforceable, as any slight change evades infringement. Others think it a waste of patent office time and money.

As photographers and artists, should we care about it? Can we learn from it?

– Tom

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One Response to Amazon’s Patent

  1. Stephen Jennings says:

    Looks like they have some sort of industrial project in mind. Since I seriously doubt if they can tell, or care, what lighting setups I use, they are probably making a pre-emptive move against competitors like Google.

    It does feel somewhat silly, like my deciding to patent the color Burnt Umber, and filing suit against anyone else who uses it…

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