Google and the World Brain

FYI: Shots from Imaging Services run from timecodes 45 to 56 seconds. And we provide the trailer’s final sound effect.

I just watched the library’s copy.

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3 Responses to Google and the World Brain

  1. clayton says:

    I thought of Lanier the moment I saw the header on this one. I think he’s probably spot on re the hollowing out of the middle class exacerbated by the global digital economy. I wonder when we’ll start seeing those micropayments for the data that Google (and the other owners of the “big computers”, in Lanier’s words) harvests from its corpora?

  2. David says:


    Is that the BBC footage of our Zeutschel? Camera man looks familiar.

  3. lingner says:

    The idea of a “World Brain” is still sound, and no one else seems to have the resources or the will to do it. Copyright is, of course, an issue, but even if there had to be a lag-time of 125 years (or whatever) from the current date, that would still be amazing.

    If we’re afraid of micropayments, there’s always the library, and the traditional methods for finding information. I, for one, think that maybe there is some value to an agglomeration of human thought. Up until now, Google has offered its search for free, with only advertisements, which are easy enough to ignore.

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