Lance Keimig workshop at the Griffin

Not that any of us really need it, but it looks like fun. Now if I could just convince  our own Mary Kocol to do a cyanotype scarf class!

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3 Responses to Lance Keimig workshop at the Griffin

  1. kelliher says:

    I”m not sure which solution she uses, but that’s sort of the gist…Mary’s pea tendrils are to die for!

  2. Barry Kidd says:

    It seems like an interesting class but quite frankly a tad pricy for me.

    On the 19th through the 21st of this month I’m going to be heading down tobacco country in southern Virginia to do some night photography of my own. Mostly I plan on getting some long exposure / light painting shots but I also hope the skies are clear so I can grab a few shots of the Milky Way while I’m there. You can’t see the Milky Way in this area and It’s always so bright and vivid in the southeast.

    Thank you for sharing,


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