deYoung got to use the RTI Technique!

That was what was used on the statue in the yard. We briefly touched on it at our meeting.




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4 Responses to deYoung got to use the RTI Technique!

  1. lingner says:

    Interesting. Looks similar to the stuff we saw from that guy from RIT – or is it the same thing? And speaking of that guy, when is that 3-D painting app coming out?

  2. AK says:

    I didn’t think they were doing that on the statue – I thought it was more a structured light/laser scanning thing… No? Both?

    …mentions “optical light system” – an interesting phrase…
    also, picture at the end of the article looks more like structured light…

    The RIT guy’s rig was additionally capturing “gloss” data – RTI combines the lighting and spacial data, but his keeps it separate, if I understood correctly…

    Did the RTI training, have the RTI kit, would love to do some!
    Thanks for sharing this!


  3. lingner says:

    Gloss…. right. That was cool.

    And yeah, I agree that from the article, the statue photography seems slightly different. It seems like for the statue, they’re moving the camera, and for the artwork, they’re moving the lights. But that’s probably over-simplifying, and I could be way off.

  4. zatsky says:

    Yes, two different techniques. No the RIT gloss technique. I also want the painting app. Last time I looked, it wasn’t out yet…

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