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Media Cloud Technical Lead Position

Media Cloud is hiring a new technical lead for the project.

This position is dear to my heart, because the new hire will take over many of my duties on the project, including most importantly driving the technical direction of the project, which includes an ambition slate of improvements to the system as we enter a new two year grant cycle. The position calls for a talented geek with experience wrangling large amounts of text / data, and someone who is comfortable sitting at a table with the other members of our amazing team and working out together what is technically possible and wise.

The position is a great opportunity for:

* an academic geek with some social science chops who is looking for opportunity to apply tech to our questions around the networked public sphere;
* a startup geek who is looking to move into academia to work on hard social problems with smart people;
* a text wrangling geek who is looking for ways to apply her skills to organizations working for social change;
* any smart, talented, experienced geek who would thrive in the atmosphere of Berkman/Harvard and CCM/MIT.

The full job description and application link are here:

If you know anyone who might fit for the job (or are such a person), please apply and/or email me with any questions.