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The Great(er) Brain Series – 3.5.2017: Wifi USB Flash Drives… What?

I’ve become pretty lazy in life… but now a wifi USB flash drive?  Lol.  Truly embarrassing I didn’t know about this earlier…

This morning, I saw some guy transfer documents from his backpack to his phone to show me a few studies.  However, he did it without changing his position of holding his phone and he said he didn’t have it on his handheld device.   We were in the basement of the garage where any phone signals and the building’s wifi was nonexistent.  When I asked him how he was pulling the data without any signal and with not having it on-hand, he basically said he was doing it from his wifi USB stick.  I was puzzled.  I must be slow, outdated or demented because I’ve never heard of this before.

Later this morning, I looked up Wifi USB Flash Drives and found this:  SanDisk Wifi USB Stick… and this…. Aliexpress Wireless USB Drive … and this…. Ebay listings of Wireless USB Flash Drives.  I couldn’t believe it!  There were many manufacturers.  Where have I been?!?  Have I been hiding in a technology deprived cave for years?  I know I’m lazy and because of this, I’m always looking for new technologies to simplify my life.  And even with one of the most simplest tasks, I hate having to dig for my usb stick every time I needed to manually transfer data.  I tend to use Google Drive or DropBox, but I use it with caution.  I have a lot of sensitive stuff that I don’t want online (nothing shady of course… lol).   Now, I can store sensitive information easily with a wifi USB stick.  Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.  And convenient.  (I guess I’ll have to worry about being hacked… but that’s another issue for a different time).

These devices seem a bit pricier than the classic USB sticks, but the cost will come down as adoption rates increase.  They come in different designs and colors, such as sticks, squares, and odd shaped.  However, the appear to generally be the same size as the classic USB flash drives.  I’m unsure how the data transfer rates are, but I will review more and test some to determine that.  Here’s a quick snapshot at what some of these look like.


Now this is convenience at it’s best!  This definitely has my interest.  I’ll be back for more updates.  Going online shopping now!


  1. Thai

    It’s amazing how USB drives have evolved over the years. I remember when it was a necessity in college back in 1998-2002. Now they’er smaller, packed with more features and capacity.

  2. payam

    I also have a WiFi hard drive but somehow I’m afraid to save sensitive data on it.

  3. hmsdude

    Yeah. They need to make sure our data is secure if the technology is to be adopted universally.

  4. Ramin

    Wow hmsdude…thanx for the tech tip…..what’s next?