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Unidentified Film Stills

September 22nd, 2009

Here are some film stills from the Burr Collection which are presently unidentified.  Today I write asking for you to take an active role in the blog.

Untitled-1 smaller

photo 1 – The Black Scorpion (1957) tagline DON'T BE ASHAMED TO SCREAM – IT HELPS TO RELIEVE THE TENSION

Here is the exciting text that accompanies the above image:

Heavy equipment is brought up and Hank and Ramos agree to be lowered in a cage to investigate.  Teresa is terrified, for she and Hank have developed much more than a friendly relationship toward one another.

Unknown to everyone, Juanito has hidden himself in the cage.  At the bottom of the chasm, Juanito waits until the men are out of sight, then he wanders off by himself.  The little tot has decided that grown men need his help.  Hank and Ramos find only the searcher’s hat and figure he fell into a pool of molten lava.  Suddenly they halt in their tracks as they hear human screams.

unidentified - UK?

photo 2 – Three Coins in the Fountain

Untitled-3 smaller

photo 3 – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Untitled-4 smaller

photo 4 – The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

The following are from the same film.

Untitled-5a smaller

photo 5 – Extravagance (1930)

Untitled-5b smaller

photo 6 – Extravagance (1930)

Untitled-5c smaller

photo 7 – Extravagance (1930)

Untitled-5d smaller

photo 8 – Extravagance (1930)

Untitled-5e smaller

photo 9 – Extravagance (1930)

Untitled-5f smaller

photo 10 – Extravagance (1930)

Untitled-5g smaller

photo 11 – Extravagance (1930)

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