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Summer Time In Medina

A Blog By Hasani Hayden

Week 13 Wa-Americana-Salaam

Week 13

This post was inspired by the “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”. I wanted to focus on the African-American Muslim experience in a predominately white protestant social context. Over the course of the semester, Professor Asani has discussed how the principles of Islam are nearly identical to the same principles of which this nation was built on. I look illustrate that here in this video. As an African-American I can empathize with the “othering” rhetoric used against Muslims in this nation, to isolate them from the American body. Similar groups who may bully Muslims in this nation, often times harass or are prejudice towards African-Americans. In this piece, I intentionally select an African-American Muslim to represent this “other” group, that often times is not thought of conventionally as American. This man first greets the viewer and shares what he believes in. His values are accepted by popular United States politicians and they begin to dance in celebration. I hope to show how intuitive the synergies between the Quranic teaching and the American constitution align. It is also critical for the long-term sustainability for this nation to become inclusive of different identities and beliefs. Considered to be at one time the most progressive nation in the world, on the forefront of human thought, America has lost her way and has lost what made her so unique of a country. This is also a nudge to future and current politicians to be critical of how we perceive different identities. Our similarities are what make us strong and those should be the things we spend our time on.