Cohen’s Civil Procedure

We are very excited to note that Professor I. Glenn Cohen’s Fall 2013 Civil Procedure digital casebook is available on H2O at < >.

Students in Professor Cohen’s course may make their own version (“remix” in H2O’s parlance) of the edited cases, and then add their own highlights and annotations (after deciding whether to set their version to public or private), which will be maintained in the print version (if the students decide to print their versions).

Other professors may adopt and adapt some or all of Professor Cohen’s casebook on H2O under the site’s CC-BY-NC-SA license (per the Terms of Service). As Professor Cohen notes in his “Acknowledgements”:

“I undertook this project in the summer of 2013 with the hope of helping students avoid the high costs of textbooks, generating content that could be used and improved upon by others, and tailoring my materials to my own needs. I hope you will enjoy and disseminate it widely. …”