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Ruby on Rails Workshop

Thanks to everyone who contributed and attended the workshop this October. We hope we were successful in hosting an attitude-free, newbie-safe and mama-friendly tech event encouraging women to join the Ruby on Rails community.

Women are a minority in most technical communities, but in open source communities the numbers are even smaller — by a factor of about ten or more.

Moving forward, we encourage our newly empowered programmers to meet monthly and use their skills towards open source projects in a welcoming, collaborative, mixed gendered environment.

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Julia Ashmun


The Ruby on Rails Workshop for Women is being webcast!

The video will be streamed live on Saturday October 17th from 10am EST until the end of the workshop around 4pm EST.


If you’re having trouble watching the video above, open this URL in Quicktime: rtsp://

Click here for software installation instructions

Click here to view Workshop Notes Sessions I and II

Click here to download Workshop Notes Sessions III and IV

Chat with others watching the video on #boston.rb on IRC.

Tweet hashtag: #rorw4w