Torture in WoW

some interesting news coming out re: a torture-based quest in the new WoW expansion.

what does this imply about teaching (or being unable to teach) abstract values in a gaming world?

Will there be a desensitizing effect?  I’m curious as to how we’d test for one.

An interesting idea – I don’t know enough about WoW to know if it is possible- would be to have a related quest be to save the prisoner and stop the torture.

Commentary here…

–Later update–

and here’s some follow-up from WIRED, arguing for what I think is a pretty good rough analogy with our “games to teach values” discussion from early last summer where we mused on using WoW to teach tolerance.

One thought on “Torture in WoW

  1. That is a very deep discussion about WoW … however I do see your point.

    Another idea would be is there a way to administer torture on the other side?


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