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(Snap) Phishing Attack in Web 2.0 Space?

Yesterday I received a fascinating email to my corporate email address. It was — as far as I can tell– a phishing attack launched as an invitation to (the aptly-named) Snapfish photosharing site. The content of the message is baldly flim-flam — “Computer Central has identified you as …Your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive part-payment of US $5.5 million…[etc etc]” But the invitation to click through is decidedly Web 2.0 — “you’re invited to view James’s photos – plus, get 20 FREE prints when you upload your photos to Snapfish.” — all in lovely Snapfish web 2.0 graphics and colors. 

I love the play in “lemming-space.”  The web 2.0 world/wisdom of crowds embraces the unknown user. Yet the unknown user is also the unauthorized user, and the great risk of the websphere.  Gosh, it’s well done — except for the decidely East European cant to the English invitation, it rides the Web 2.0 wave beautifully.

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