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September 17, 2006

haiku on the wind

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f/k/a‘s Honored Guest Poets speak of the wind:

withering wind…
the scarecrow’s jacket

cold wind
the sweep of the speed skater’s arms

winter wind
the piano roll ends with
silent night

stiff march wind
the sound
of an airball

sultry breeze
she teaches me to whistle
with a blade of grass

migrating geese
all of us walk with our
backs to the wind

. . . by  ed markowski

in the howling wind
under the full moon
the snowman, headless

Stifling heat
a palm frond suggests
there is a breeze

fierce wind
street sweeper has
another coffee

Two willows —
each its own way
with the wind

The old wind chimes
in the basement for winter
tinkle from my sigh

in the windswept window
among the wild trees
my face

wind change
the tumbleweed now chases
the kitten

. . . by George Swede

the narrow place
between my neck and my collar
November wind

prairie wind
snow fills the mouth
of the badger hole

autumn winds
pine cones roll
under the fence

. . . by DeVar Dahl

wind-beaten marquee
saying only
“Coming Soon”

I know the rules–
the wind blows
the leaves move

autumn wind —
trying to keep myself
under my hat

hard paddling
the wind
dries my teeth

. . . by John Stevenson

sharp wind
the metal gate bangs shut
bangs shut

first autumn wind-
not feeling the knife
slice my finger

noiseless wind
icicles pend
from the bell clappers

. . . by Jim Kacian

at the bus stop
our backs to the wind
the sunrise changes color

Deserted tennis court
wind through the net

each lull
in the winter wind:
you and I

loud wind–
the bed unmade
all day

. . . by gary hotham

bitter wind …
the hand that cups the flame

cold wind lifts one corner
of the pall

and my son’s voice deepening
the wind chimes

summer stillness
the play of light and shadow
on the windchimes

wind and rain
the hand I reach for
in the dark

. . . by peggy willis lyles

winter wind–
he can’t find his roost
the evening crow

evening mountain–
how long will the cold wind

flecked with sand
from the whirlwind…
little butterfly

windblown here they come–
the winter rain
the thin man

. . . by kobayashi issa, translated by David G. Lanoue

funeral procession . . .
snowflakes blowing
into the headlights

maple seeds spiraling —
cicada husk holds on
to the old swing rope

the pinwheel stops
grandpa catches
his breath

snowblind on the range:
homesteader feels
the barbwire home

. . . by Randy Brooks

blossoms in the wind-shadow
a hiker stops
to sip his water

a table for one–
leaves rustle
in the inner courtyard

. . . by Michael Dylan Welch

Cooling white wine —
the tinkle of windchimes
in the summer twilight

Sting of the wind–
icy evergreen needles
glinting in winter sunset

Approaching storm…
a black coat in the meadow
snorts against the wind

Windblown curtain–
from a fold, a white moth
flutters out into moonlight

A warm breeze . . .
the scent of hay bales
from the moonlit field

. . . by Rebecca Lilly

dead calf
a mother licks
the wind

chill wind –
autumn leaves covering
autumn leaves

. . . by alice frampton

march wind
mother and baby
share a shawl

mid-life crisis
raking up leaves
in the wind

mountain wind
the stillness of a lamb
gathers crows

. . . by matt morden

the cattails
lose their heads
march wind

pickup truck
an old retriever
laps the wind

sea cliff
fledgling gannets
face the wind

. . . by Tom Painting

on the clothesline
the wind curves

windless day –
kissing snowflakes
on her hair

. . . by Yu Chang

wind-shaped trees
a young hawk
measures the sky

mating antics
of a hummingbird
wind on the lake

one sail remains
on the old windmill
spring clouds

a spring wind
coins in the cup
of a sleeping beggar

. . . by paul m

all the way home
the wind at my back
New Year’s day

spring wind
he pedals

facing into
the autumn wind

wind in the canopy–
to feel it

waiting for you
the wind
kicks up a bit

. . . by Carolyn Hall

March wind —
more garbage
in the trees

March wind
wondering how I tied my hair
as a child

. . . by Hilary Tann

spring wind –
the kid in the neighborhood
has a new whistle

out of its reflecting pool
the windblown

. . . by Tom Clausen

warm city wind
cherry blossoms filling
the potholes

ladybug descending
this windwhipt blade of grass
last blaze of sun

. . . by Pamela Miller Ness

year of the rooster
the wind chimes swivel

wind chimes
sharper, clearer
after snow

. . . by Barry George

summer wind–
a dragonfly grips
the clothespin

tomato blossoms
a breeze lifts the hair
on my arm

. . . by W.F. Owen

winter wind
this stack of bills
its own paperweight

a shut-off notice
flaps in the wind–

autumn wind—
a leaf and homeless man
cross paths

the silver leaves
that were once my life—
autumn wind

. . . by andrew riutta

blast of wind
flattens the roadside grass–
hitchhiker on her suitcase

legs pawing
in the summer wind—monarch
in the wiper blade

snow-packed roads—
the wind blows through
a stripped Camaro

. . . by Lee Gurga

the wind storm moves on —
once more the songs of sparrows
in the pines

the scent of windfall apples
on the wind

cold wind–
tattering clouds
let out some sky

freezing wind–
the body builder pumps gas
in a muscle shirt

no wind today –
the cottonwoods
speak in chickadee

wind-rippled pond —
bright whirligigs twirl
in all directions

. . . by Billie Wilson

farewell picnic —
wind blows the blossoms
off the dogwoods

mid-March winds –
a too-warm coat
suddenly too thin

harsh wind
takes the tree’s last leaves —
slowly undressing her

. . . by david giacalone/dagosan

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1 Comment

  1. of all the great haiku presented here
    there’s something about issa’s
    “windblown here they come” that
    blows the others away.

    ed markowski

    dry winter wind…
    the produce boy builds
    a pyramid of figs*

    *first published in bottle rockets issue 13

    Comment by ed markowski — September 28, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

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