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September 13, 2008

this lady from Alaska is a winner

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…. No, no, not that woman from Alaska.

But, we understand the confusion.  Our choice is a haiku rock star:

summer’s end–
one more pretty stone
for her fairy house

. . . who’s been president and vice-president of the Alaska Haiku Society (probably secretary-treasurer, too).

Known for family values, she’s s a champion vote-getter and contest-winner:

winter wind—
a cradlesong sung
in an ancient tongue

summer evening—
from across the meadow
a call to supper

searcher’s call
the lost child’s name-
streetlamps veiled with rain

summer day–
walking barefoot beside
grandchildren’s footprints

. . . who hangs out with international leaders . .

howling wolves–
there’s still enough light
to find our way home

. . . feels strongly about war:

letter from the war zone—
leaves shift
against the brick wall

more war dead—
an uprooted tree
rides the storm tide

. . . and knows a thing or two about hunting (and wolves):

mud-spattered pickup—
four dogs watch
the tavern door

overdue hunters–
the Coast Guard cutter’s wake
reaches shore

from deep in the forest
a haunting birdsong
sung just once

Our romantic Alaska Lady is #1 with a lot of men (and women, too):

Valentine’s Day—
he tells me I’m number one
on his speed dial

express line checkout-
the man ahead buys flowers
and breath mints

for years to come
the flowers he planted
along the narrow road

more gray in my hair—
the faint scent of mimosa
sweetens the breeze

freezing wind–
the body builder pumps gas
in a muscle shirt

in my dreams last night
wild Arabian horses–
I butter his toast

And, though she travels and swings:

an open book
on the old porch swing–
first fireflies

the snow deepens—
she leaves our atlas open
to her homeland

chilly evening—
the wine full of summer
in a far country

. . . . she’s right at home in small towns and country fields:

cold moon
a stray dog roams
the village street

the ferry slows
through Wrangell Narrows—
meteor showers begin

cold sun–
cheers from the stadium
reach Main Street

fruitstand apples—
the rich smell of horses
on my hands

3:00 a.m.–
through sounds of winter rain
the mail plane landing

Billie Wilson is ready to serve.  Landslides or mudslides, in boots or bare feet, on bridges or ferries, Juneau’s Billie Wilson is a winner — known for congeniality and toughness.  You can find much more of Billie’s work by clicking the links on her f/k/a archives page, and by heading to the Alaska Haiku Society website or Cornell’s Mann Library (where she was the featured poet for June 2008). Around f/k/a, when we think of winners — and winning smiles — from Alaska, we think of award-winning haiku poet and editor, and our Honored Guest, Billie Wilson.

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November chill–
a barefoot man waits
for the northbound ferry

avalanche warning–
how very still
this winter night

storm clouds roil
across the prairie—
she marks her place

trail’s end—
the taste of wild onion
still sharp on my tongue

. . . all of the above poems by Billie Wilson (Juneau, Alaska, USA)

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[she’s a poet not a Palin]

“November chill” —  World Haiku Review II:3; “avalanche warning–” – Boston Haiku Society News (January 2008); temps libres/free times (January 2008); “trail’s end” –  The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2005); “storm clouds roil” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2003)

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  1. great segue from a current event. :) lovely war dead haiku. uprooted tree indeed.

    Comment by kouji — September 16, 2008 @ 2:37 am

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