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July 18, 2008

sure could use a breeze

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 8:03 am

old dog and master
for the tiny spot of shade

rattle, whir, hum –
august night

. . . by dagosan
“old dog” – Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005)
“rattle, whir” – Nisqually Delta Review (summer/fall issue 2006)

Given the weather forecast for Schenectady, the f/k/a Gang will be seeking shade, air conditioning and breezes this weekend. As mentioned yesterday, we’ve collected nearly a hundred wind/breeze haiku for you, written by our talented family of Honored Guest Poets. Here are a few for those too listless to click the link:

a shut-off notice
flaps in the wind–

autumn wind —
a leaf and homeless man
cross paths

…………………… by Andrew Riutta
“a shut-off notice” – Shiki Monthly Kukai (Jan. 2006)

sultry breeze
she teaches me to whistle
with a blade of grass

………………………………… by ed markowski

wind-rippled pond –
bright whirligigs twirl
in all directions

. . . by Billie Wilson – Haiku Harvest (Spring 2001)

warm city wind
cherry blossoms filling
the potholes

ladybug descending
this windwhipt blade of grass
last blaze of sun

………….. by Pamela Miller Ness
“warm city wind” – Haiku Canada Newsletter XIII:3 (June 2000)
“ladybug descending” – Summerday, Puget Sound sequence

fierce wind
street sweeper has
another coffee

… by George Swede – from Almost Unseen (2000)

p.s. Cop Mugs Starbucks: Whether you take your coffee hot or iced this weekend, take the time to check out the story of a Daytona Beach police lieutenant who took free coffee for years (sometimes six times a day) from a Starbucks — and then threatened retaliation when the new shop manager refused any more freebies. Scott Greenfield covers it at Simple Justice in “Cop, Coffee and Crime” (July 18, 2008); and see Jonathan Turley’s “Don’t Tazerberry Me, Bro.” Scott reminds us that there’s nothing funny about this kind of police extortion., recalling the NYC Knapp Commission.

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  1. You have to love cops. Protect and serve is secondary to their egotistic desire to enforce their own rules.

    Comment by Ted — July 21, 2008 @ 10:34 am

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