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June 25, 2008

off to Chautauqua

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The f/k/a Gang is heading off to the Chautauqua Institution this morning — with all of my alter egos squeezing into our little Mazda for a 330-mile drive from Schenectady to the southwestern corner of New York State. As reported here on June 11th, the theme at Chautauqua this week is “Sport in America.”

dispute at second base
the catcher lets some dirt
run through his fingers

the batter checks
the placement of his feet
“Strike One!”

… by Cor van den Heuvel, from Baseball Haiku

Along with big-wig executives of sports leagues and tv networks, they’ve invited Cor van den Heuvel to present a Roundtable, on June 26th, spotlighting the Baseball Haiku book (W.W. Norton 2007), which he co-edited. Ed Markowski and Al Pizzarelli will join Cor on stage, presenting their haiku and senryu from the book. Ed has promised to include a few new poems. HaikuEsq will be in the audience and dagosan might add his two cents. Prof. Yabut hopes to be sharing an ice cream soda with a cheerleader by then and might miss the Roundtable.

law firm picnic
the ump consults
his Blackberry

…… by David Giacalone – Baseball Haiku (2007)

Don’t forget to check out Ed Markowski‘s new free brochure, “American Sports . . . American Haiku” (June 2008; cover), which has two dozen sports haiku and senryu that were compiled to celebrate this week at Chautauqua.

half moon
a long flyball crosses
the dark side

… by Ed Markowski

This trip will be my first significant opportunity to adhere to the f/k/a pledge to observe the speed limit on all highways. Thank goodness for Cruise Control and audio books. [update (July 4, 2008): As I noted in the post “speed limit politics:” With the help of the Cruise Control lever, I kept my promise to abide by the 65-mpg speed limit on the New York State Thruway last week, while traveling over 700 miles to and from the Chautauqua Institution. Yes, I was passed a lot. More important, I achieved my best fuel efficiency ever. In fact, for a 200-mile all-Thruway segment of the return trip, my 2000 Mazda Protege, which was rated by the government at 30 mpg for highway travel, averaged over 35 miles per gallon.

p.s. If you leave a Comment that needs to be “moderated,” I apologize in advance for any delays in getting it approved and posted while we’re away.

update (June 29, 2008): Read about the event in “Chautauqua grand slam” (June 29, 2008) .

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