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April 25, 2008

what’s john stevenson been up to?

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Seen here yesterday. . . . [big]

cherry blossoms
another year
of haiku

……… by john stevenson – Upstate Dim Sum (Vol. 2007/II, Fall 2007)

Rumor has it that haiku poet-editor John Stevenson snuck into Schenectady at the end of the afternoon yesterday (April 24, 2008), for a quick look at the cherry blossoms on display at Congregation Gates of Heaven. [Click here and here to see why it was worth the drive from Albany.] I was on that very corner snapping photos around 3 PM yesterday, and I’m sorry to have missed John (and his friendly guide Prof. Yu Chang).

Earlier this month, John was in New York City, serving (again) as judge for the English-language section of a student haiku contest sponsored by the United Nations International School.

Christmas evening
the snow
doesn’t stick

……. by john stevenson – Upstate Dim Sum (Vol. 2007/II)

Now that he’s managing editor of The Heron’s Nest journal (see prior post), John’s award-winning haiku are no longer appearing at that venerable venue. So, I thought I’d post a few of his poems that are not found yet online, from the last issue of Upstate Dim Sum, as well as a trio from Shamrock Haiku Journal, which was launched in 2007 by the Irish Haiku Society. No matter what else he’s doing, or where he’s hanging his hat, you can be sure that John is hatching or crafting haiku.

the tide
arranging rocks and sand,
just as I would

smell of the earth turned up by a tractor

showing the new kid
which corner of the lot
is home plate

old pasture
the buzzing
in a hollow tree

lights on
in the schoolhouse
winter afternoon

warm breezes
seem responsible
for the way she walks

….. by John Stevenson – Upstate Dim Sum (Fall 2007)

poor singing voices
they have built a nest

a small kitchen
the toaster
warms one corner

ladies with parasols
walk to the next painting

…. by John Stevenson – Shamrock Haiku Journal (Vol. 1, 2007) shamrocksSN
“a small kitchen” – also. pub. Upstate Dim Sum (Fall 2007)

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  1. We just missed each other. Yu and I arrived between 4:30 and 5:00. This was the first time that I had ever walked among cherry blossoms. I have seen many pictures, heard many accounts, read many poems, and driven by the occasional tree or two when I couldn’t stop. All good experiences but nowhere near that of being in their immediate presence.

    Comment by John Stevenson — April 25, 2008 @ 5:26 pm

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