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December 2, 2007

a little tranquility before facing the travails of december

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu,q.s. quickies — David Giacalone @ 10:28 am

thnLogoG If, like me, your Sunday dawns with gray skies, a winter-weather advisory, the reality of that still un-addressed Christmas card list, and a pile of holiday shopping circulars filled with pending choices and expenses, you deserve a few moments of haiku bliss and relaxation at The Heron’s Nest. Yesterday, the December 2007 edition (Vol IX, no. 4) went online, and it is brings us over one hundred haiku (with mercifully few psyku).

afternoon shadows
temple stones
stacked and numbered

…………………… paul m. – The Heron’s Nest (December 2007), here

Last September, we shared the sixteen poems by f/k/a Honored Guest Poets selected for the autumn edition of THN. Of the 104 one-breath poems in the new winter edition, the f/k/a family again provided 16 poems. Here are half of them (more to follow in the next few days):

grown wild
the spot where I buried
the last of my pets

flickering buzz
of the pool hall sign
summer night

……………………….. John StevensonThe Heron’s Nest (December 2007), see here and there

long morning shadows —
half shells flipped over
by the tide

……………………… Gary Hotham – The Heron’s Nest (December 2007), here

There are dozens of other excellent poets whose work can be found in this and every edition of The Heron’s Nest. Congratulations to John Barlow, Petar Tchouhov, and Michele Root-Bernstein, whose poems were honored as Editor’s Choices in the December 2007 edition of The Heron’s Nest.

she leaves
the gate open
Indian Summer

birdsong . . .
a blind child touches
my smile

…………………….. Alice FramptonThe Heron’s Nest (December 2007), here and there

evening news —
each cloud carries
part of the sunset

……………….. Laryalee Fraser – The Heron’s Nest (December 2007), here

dagosan was honored to have this poem selected for the new Heron’s Nest. It was written to commemorate the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Mama and Papa G, which we celebrated last September. (and see MagnaPoets Japanese Form)

hazy harvest moon
the face I met
when our skin was smooth

……………………………….. David Giacalone – The Heron’s Nest (December 2007), here

If, despite all the above tranquility, you are looking for a little agitation this morning, the usually-proudly cynical Scott Greenfield, of the Sentimental Simple Just weblog, has a lengthy continuation of the The ABA Journal Blawg 100 controversy (which we discussed here), titled “The Secret Award for Best Blawg” (Dec. 2, 2007). Scott, after a bit of grousing over link-love-lost (and positing the strange idea that an article in the ABA Journal somehow equates to an endorsement by the entire organization), gets rather maudlin, saying “As for me, there is no award that the blawgosphere has to offer that is more important than the community of the blawgosphere. The friction that has developed around these awards, and surfaced with this ABA Blawg 100, isn’t worth it. ”

Personally, I refuse to believe that grown men (it is mostly the male blawggers who are making the noises and piling up pixels over this list) are sincerely upset about the List and that some important, lasting rift has opened in the so-called community of blawggers. Could EQ really be so low among JDs? I’d prefer to think that my weblog colleagues are doing what guys (and especially lawyers and bloggers) do so well — take the opportunity presented by a public event to vent a bit, state pet peeves, and get some attention.

their laughter
is not about me
but would sound
just like that
if it was

…………………..……… by John Stevenson – Quiet Enough (2004)

Moreover, unlike Scott, I do not believe that “Every time somebody reads one of our posts, we win the secret award for best blawg.” I’m happy for every reader (even those who get here inadvertently, thanks to search engine magic), but I refuse to give myself a gold star for every visitor, nor put that much pressure on our readers.  People read a particular posting for a lot of different reasons (not all particularly complimentary). You don’t have to think we’re the best blawg to stop by f/k/a (and talking to me in the school cafeteria doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a big crush on Prof. Yabut).


  1. Oh please. Madulin? Hardly. A bit sentimental at worst, but I’m a sensitively cynical sort of guy.

    As for the “secret award,” I think you took it a little too literally and missed the message. It’s not a statement by the reader, but an appreciation by the writer that anyone cares enough to read what he has to write.

    Comment by Scott Greenfield — December 2, 2007 @ 3:31 pm

  2. This new law in NY is beyond comprehension. Would the same apply to those who order “strippers” using a “legal” card face the same charge? What about the “strippers”? Do they face charges for performing a “lewd act” for pay? Sounds like this DA is trying to make a name for himself and using “sexual gratification” as his stepping stone.

    Comment by kiokwus WV — December 14, 2007 @ 12:03 pm

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