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July 16, 2007

flipped our wig

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 5:57 pm

In search of lawyer commentary during f/k/a‘s punditry hiatus? Jamie Spencer is hosting Blawg Review #117 at his Austin Criminal Defense Blog, where he spotlights the best recent work at law-related weblogs. Jamie has built this week’s Blawg Review around a unique and instructive theme. As he explains:

“I decided to use the six amendments from the Bill of Rights that most apply to criminal defense, highlight a historic Supreme Court criminal case, and use the text of the Amendment itself as the springboard for this week’s featured posts.”

Checking out the list of featured posts, I discovered JD Hull’s discussion of whether you have to like a client to do a good job. I also learned that J. Craig Williams is worried that they’re running out of lawyers in California. Clearly, Craig has not seen my recent article at The Complete Lawyer, No Senior Discount at the Ethics Bar, which Tim Kevan graciously included in the Weekly Review at The Barrister’s Blog (July 16, 2007), which is my favorite shortlist of the best-‘o-the-blawgs.

Tim has also pointed to BabyBarista‘s Interview Tips for law students (which supplement the more conventional suggestions published earlier this month at TimesOnLine), and reminds us that wigs and gowns will be abolished next year in the United Kingdom’s family and civil courts.

monday morning
a paper cup
with a slow leak

the song ends as i leave the store

evening calm . . .
the fisherman’s
smoke rings

a dry straw
in a dry cup
no last words

……….. by john stevenson from Upstate Dim Sum (2006/II)

p.s. Over at LegalBlogWatch, today, Robert Ambrogi asks Who Was the First Legal Blogger? Bob did some archive-diving and found the start-up dates for some venerable sites (including Bag’n’Baggage and Ernie the Attorney). He concludes that Walter Olson’s was the first law-related weblog, which was launched on July 1, 1999.

digital age
aging digits
at the keyboard

………………………………. by dagosan

autumn wind
trying to keep myself
under my hat

……………………………. John Stevenson – Modern Haiku (Vol. 36:1, 2005)

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