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May 4, 2007

another cuatro de mayo

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu,q.s. quickies — David Giacalone @ 3:44 pm

 pinataG Another day, another procrastination break.  And, another pointer to postings past.  Two years ago today, I wrote “cuatro de mayo: soups and sticks,” with the explanation “I’m writing a day early about Cinco de Mayo, to remind you to prepare for the celebration — with food, music and pinatas.”  You’ll find a good description of Menudo Soup, and a link to more recipes.  You’ll also find a bowlful of haiku on the soup theme.  A click on our “may 5th menudo” post from last year will tell you why the 1862 Mexican battle against the French that is commemorated on May 5th might have helped assure a Union victory in our Civil War. 

q.s.  If you came here looking for some law-related stimulation, I suggest checking out Robert Ambrogi’s “Forward this at your own risk,” at LegalBlogWatch (May 3, 2007). Bob tells us about Arkansas Law School professor Ned Snow, who believes “a 250-year-old common law tradition granting copyright protection to authors of personal correspondence” has not been preempted by the federal Copyright Act — and applies to email.  See Snow’s “A Copyright Conundrum: Protecting Email Privacy.”  I have a feeling that a lot of copyright experts would disagree with Prof. Snow.

another argument unfolds the futon   

………….. by w.f. owen, from A New Resonance 2 

 MenudoDVD  There are three haijin friends I haven’t seen enough of around here lately, and I wish I could share a big pot of Menudo soup with them – Andrew Riutta, Laryalee Fraser and Alice Frampton.  Almost as good, I’ll share some of their poetry with you:


campfire chili
a loon’s call stirs
the darkness



midnight moon
the coldness
of a stone bench




mute button —
the unexpected sound
of raindrops

…………………. Laryalee Fraser spotlightS  
“campfire chile” – 6th place & “midnight moon” – 3rd place, 
shiki kukai, 4th Annual Poets’ Choice Kukai
“mute button” – tinywords

ragweed blossoms . . .
the trailer park
teeming with romance



every time
a child blinks…
another dandelion

quiet night…
moth wings
stir the fog

…………………….. by Andrew Riutta
“every time” poetry bridge
“quiet time” – Simply Haiku

cloudy water
in the bud vase–
children grown and gone


hard rain
the sizzle of summer peppers
in the skillet



warm earth
the gardens
it makes


spotlightN ……………. by Alice Frampton 
“cloudy water” – Frogpond XXX:1
“hard rain” & “warm earth” – The Heron’s Nest Vol. VIII


his dusty cookbooks:
soup can
in the sink

………. by dagonsan


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