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May 2, 2007

punning on empty

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu,q.s. quickies — David Giacalone @ 8:31 pm

 gasPumpG  Just because I haven’t got enough time or energy to write original punditry today, doesn’t mean you won’t get a useful pointer or two and your daily dose of one-breath poetry. [Yes, Mama. G, I am procrastinating in the face of a big deadline; see the p.s. below.] It seems that every May we hear about rising-record gasoline prices, and the news today has that seasonal ring of familiarity. E.g., “U.S. gas prices could hit record high just in time for Memorial Day trips,” Seattle Times, May 2, 2007; “Caution: Record Gas Prices Ahead,”, May 2, 2007.  This gives me a chance to recycle postings past, each of which does a little preaching about the need to conserve gas and not just kvetch about the price.

  1. gas pain?” from May 2005 has some tips for those of us who can’t run out and buy a new hybrid car this year.  It includes a helpful link to the Federal Trade Commission webpage Good, Better, Best: How to Improve Gas Mileage
  2. pump pandering: no one mentions using less energy,” from May 3, 2006, starts “The “conservative” Republicans won’t do it.  Neither will the “conservationist”-environmentalist Democrats. Not one politician currently in office (and planning to run again) is telling the American public . . . “

55 limit n  Of course, when it comes to the poetry of our Honored Guests, we don’t recycle — we renew and reprise:

rising gas prices–
an attendant changing numbers
in a pouring rain


         on the freeway–
the skywriting drifts

…….by Michael Dylan Welch “rising gas prices” – Modern Haiiku (2005) 
“gridlock” from Open Window – click for orig. photo & poem


choosing the sunniest spot
to fill my tank   




mud season
three brown cars
at the intersection



………. by Hilary Tann
“mid-February” – The Heron’s Nest VIII:2
“mud season” – Upstate Dim Sum  (2004/II) 



Key West heat–
the kitchen staff’s
chained bicycles


crossing the bridge —
the shadow of a gull
I never see

Making change
the conductor
shifts his toothpick

slow conversation
a passing bus fills
the diner window

Distant tail lights
in the dark

…………………………… by Barry George pickup g
“crossing the bridge” – The Heron’s Nest (Sept. 2002)
“slow conversation” – A New Resonance 2 (2001)
“making change” – the loose thread: RMA 2001; Modern Haiku XXXII:1
“Distant tail lights” – from Haiku Spirit
“Key West heat” – Frogpond XXII:3 (1999)

subwayG  p.s.  The newest edition of The Complete Lawyer was posted online today.  It focuses on New Levels of Leadership for Lawyers (Vol. 3/3, May-June 2007).  Among its many articles is one co-authored by Idealawg‘s Stephanie West Allen, which tells you how “By drawing on five principles of neuroscience, you can become a better leader of yourself and others.”  If it wouldn’t mean even more procrastination, I’d read it tonight and figure out how to lead myself out of my current brain fog.  But, I’m supposed to be writing an article for the next edition of The Complete Lawyer, which will focus on the Graying of the Law Profession.  If this weblog is silent tomorrow, smile and know that I might just be getting it done, only a day late.


half a tank —
above the gas pump
Old Glory in tatters

….. by dagosan


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