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February 24, 2007

door-to-door: haiku (and regulation, too)

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 2:21 pm

doorFrontN   Late last night, I posted “protection for door-to-door purchasers” at shlep.  I was inspired by reading Prof. Jeff Sovern’s Consumer Law & Policy Blog posting on the continuing relevance of regulation protecting consumers who make purchasers from “field sales” marketers.  It seems that the success of Do Not Call lists has helped revive door-to-door selling (see and NYT.)  If you’d like to know more about Do Not Knock ordinances and the Federal Trade Commission’s Cooling Off Rule for home sales, head on over to shlep.   But, first, join me in appreciating some door-oriented haiku from f/k/a‘s Honored Guest Poets and its Editor.  


May morning
the door opens
before I knock


Mother’s Day   houseG  
that first breath of air
outside the door

goblins at the door
in the darkness behind them
a cigarette flares

the summer sun
under the exit door


. . . . by John Stevenson
“May morning” and “goblins” from Some of the Silence
“Mother’s Day” and “matinee” from Quiet Enough 


opening the sliding door
in her red pajamas


almost dusk
an open door
to the lighthouse

doorFrontF   . . . . by paul m.
“birdsong” – A New Resonance 2 & Frogpond XXII:1
“almost dusk” – The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2003)

the dog out–
the stars in

. . . . by Gary Hotham – breathmarks (Canon Press, 1999)


mud-spattered pickup-
four dogs watch
the tavern door

. . . by Billie Wilson – The Heron’s Nest (February 2001)

through the open door . . .
her smile doesn’t forgive
all my sins

. . . . by Randy Brooks – School’s Out (1999)  doorFront 


opened door
the darkness lengthens
into a kitten


back door curve
    the batter


. . . . by Barry George 
”back door curve” –  Fan: “Haiku” Special Issue (1998)
“opened door” – The Heron’s Nest (Vol. 3, 2001)


screen door between angry words

 doorFrontN  . . . . by Tom Painting – A New Resonance 2 & Frogpond XXI:1

first night home from college
click of the latch
on her bedroom door

in the appliance store doorway
calling a Maytag box

. . . by Carolyn Hall  – “first night home” A New Resonance 2  houseG  
“appliance store” – from the haibun “Protective Coloration”
in The Loose Thread: RMA 2001; orig., stone frog.

“the rice cake man
is next door!”
the child announces



wiping their feet
on the baby grass…


the door latch
rusting scarlet…
winter rain


in dawn frost
at the bathhouse door


facing the river –
next door, it seems
is the deep north

pinching head lice     
in a doorway…
spring fields


back door–
three spears of pampas grass
and Mr. and Mrs. Goose

back door–     doorFrontF     
pissing scribbles
in the first ice


two doors down
from the moonflowers…
my house
. . . . by Kobayashi Issa,  translated by David G. Lanoue
– for 53 “door” haiku from Issa – click here


evening warmth —
latchkey kids play rummy
in the doorway


. . . by Rebecca Lilly – The Heron’s Nest (VIII:3)


first good
porch-settin’ day —
her outside voice at the door


the stale air
of an old man’s home —
opening my front door


at every door but mine —
bittersweet binge

. . . . by dagosan      NoSolicitationS  

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