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February 14, 2007

valentine matchmaking

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 3:31 pm

heartArrowR It’s February 14, when almost anyone can be a yenta, and instigate (or insinuate) love or romance virtually anywhere.  The New York Times even has a touching Valentine story about a dad’s search for the children he’s never met. ”Sperm donor father ends his anonymity” (NYT, Feb. 14, 2007; see shlep)

          Browsing the brand new editions of two fine haiku journals — Bottle Rockets #16 (Vol. 8, no. 2) and Frogpond XXX:1 (Feb. 2007) — I discovered today that many of the poems by f/k/a‘s Honored Guest Poets made me think of Valentines past, present and future.  Here are my gleanings:


leaves turned to gold —
he still know all the words
to that old love song

. . . by billie wilson – frogpond XXX:1


that apple?
  i’d of eaten it
all by myself

. . . . by Ed Markowski – Bottle Rockets #16


Easter morning   embraceGS
the lawn strewn
with pastel condoms


Day of Atonement
the pink morning glories
open wide

. . . . . . by pamela miller ness – Bottle Rockets #16  


strained tendon
the physician’s assistant
mentions my age


cheap motel the time of our lives


. . . . by tom painting “strained tendon” – Bottle Rockets #16 
“cheap motel” – frogpond XXX:1



cloudless horizon —
the dead end street
has a big turn around


Mom’s voice on the phone —
time of the year
for a surprise frost

. . . . by gary hotham  
“cloudless horizon — Bottle Rockets #16 
“Mom’s voice” – frogpond XXX:1

cloudy water
in the bud vase —
children grown and gone

. . . . by alice frampton   HSALogo
frogpond XXX:1


today too,
chestnut flowers litter the path —
my wasted words



summer sky
my sketch of a linden leaf
larger than it really is

. . . . by paul m. – Bottle Rockets #16 


the soft hum
of the dishwasher


some gold, some silver
summer breeze


white sun
the lifeless finch
fits my palm

BottleRockets16N . . . . by carolyn hall  – Bottle Rockets #16 


old friends talk
each holding
car keys

. . . . by tom clausenfrogpond XXX:1


Bonus BouquetHeartArrowG 


Valentine’s Day
a heart stuck back on
last year’s card


they say when gorse
is not in flower
kissing’s not in season
and here before the thaw
i find our winter love

. . . . by matt morden – “Valentine’s Day” – Morden Haiku (Feb. 14, 2007)  “they say when goose” – tanka from Morden Haiku (Feb 12, 2007)

valentine’s day
   the sensous curves
       of a snow drift

embraceGS. . . . . by ed markowski   


Valentine’s Day
she reminds me
to fasten my seatbelt  

. . . . by michael dylan welch   dylan welch
HSA Brady Contest; a glimpse of red: RMA 2000

he comes to bed
cleanshaven . . .
winter stars

good morning kiss   firecrackerSmN
wing beats
of the hummingbird

. . . . by peggy lyles – “good morning kiss” – to hear the rain
“he comes to bed” – Loose Change (HSA Mem Anthology 2005)

it’s sealed —
the Valentine card
she never sent

. . . . by dagosan

bingo boards empty–
    another widow intercepts
    the old man’s wink


Heimliched out of me
       pink candy heart
       wordless now

. . . . by Randy Brooks from School’s Out



from Mom’s to Dad’s
the clickity-clack
of suitcase wheels

. . . . by alice frampton – New Resonance 3: Emerging Voices (2003)


late night rain —
he reads to me from the book
I read to him

. . . . . . . . by billie wilson Mayfly #40 (2005)



letting her
walk all over me

. . . by Tom Clausen – being there (Swamp Press, 2005)


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