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January 31, 2007

gray is okay

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 9:12 pm

 snowflake  It’s the season when we hear lots of complaints about excessive grayness here in Upstate New York — gray skies, snowbanks, slush, and moods.   At times, the cloud ceiling is so low, it feels like we’re stuck inside a shallow, covered saucepan.  I’ve always insisted that I don’t need blue skies to feel sunny (well, at my sunniest), and that gray clouds don’t make me blue.  I’m sticking to that story again this year.  Soon, I plan to write about another kind of graying (of the legal profession), but first, here are a few haiku to help prove that gray is okay:

WelchGreySky   orig. photo & poem, in Open Window 

grey sky —
the dog’s water dish
iced over


visiting mother—
again she finds
my first grey hair


. . . . by Michael Dylan Welch – “visiting mother” – TAO


shades of grey break
into birdsong

. . . . . by Pamela Miller Ness – The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2000)   


A gray dawn —
last night’s poker cards
facedown on the table

. . . .  by Rebecca Lilly, from A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices

low gray sky —
an afghan warming
on the radiator


three-quarter moon
black and gray shadows
cross the snow-covered lawn


picnickers fleeing
a slate-gray sky —
lilacs aglow


. . . . by dagosan – “low gray sky” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2006)


pink begonias
the grey fall

. . . . . by Barry George at simply haiku  FireworksWelch

february grey
i remember chillies
in a sieve


barber’s sweepings
a touch of grey splits
man and boy  

 . . . . by matt morden at Morden Haiku 


gray morning
the weight of mist
in Spanish moss


. . . . by peggy lyles 


storm warning
the watercolorist works
in shades of grey

. . . . by Tom Painting from The Heron’s Nest   rainbowG

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