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December 21, 2006

in a family way

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 8:47 pm

twins51  Confession: I forgot, here at f/k/a, to wish my (twin) brother Arthur “happy birthday”, back on December 9th.    Granted, I was out of town and not in a weblogging mode that day, but I still feel bad.  Of course, birthdays are not exactly rare for gents born in 1949, and we don’t make a big deal about them.  However, I cannot let another milestone for the Giacalone brothers pass without noting it at this haiku forum:

twins01 Today, Arthur Giacalone joined the ranks of published haijin, with two of his photographs appearing in the journal HaigaOnline (Issue 7-2, Autumn-Winter 2006). haiga is a form of art in which an image is combined with a subtly-linked poem — complementing, rather than explaining each other. [See Aurora Antonovic’s Editor’s Introduction to Modern Haiga, at Simply Haiku.]  Even more exciting for me, Arthur and I collaborated on the haiga (our first joint venture in many decades), with me providing the haiku.  Please go see the fullsized works at HaigaOnline, where you will find many other great examples of this multi-faceted genre. 

Here are mini-versions of the photographs, with the accompanying poem:


morning shadows –
the gunslingers wait
for high noon
the view   HaigaHoopViewMM
from the sofa –
April madness


David & Arthur Giacalone, HaigaOnline Issue 7-2       gunN
morning shadows” – full-sized here  
view from the sofa” full-size here

HolyFamily   We’re all focusing on family these days, with only four days until Christmas.  In case I don’t get back to post more holiday haiku and senryu, here are more of my favorites from the f/k/a family of Honored Guest Poets:  


Christmas eve
in her pajamas all day
the youngest one

. . . by Tom Clausen – Upstate Dim Sum (2003/1)


home for Christmas:
my childhood desk drawer

. . . by Michael Dylan Welch – Open Window, with photo 


starlight   snowflake   
on the harp strings
Christmas Eve

. . . by Peggy LylesTo Hear the Rain (2002)


the frozen breaths
of the carolers   disappearing
among the stars

. . . by George Swede – Almost Unseen


Christmas dinner —
the handle broken off
a tradition

. . . by gary hotham The Heron’s Nest (July 2003)


praising the hostess
in his moustache

. . . by Randy Brooks – from School’s Out


cross words over turkey
over parenting–
the Yule log burns

. . . by dagosan 


silent night, holy night   HolyFamily
      at the bar

. . . by David G. Lanoue – from Haiku Guy, a novel  

feeding pigeons
on Christmas morning ~
the can collector’s red socks

. . . by Pamela Miller Ness         snowflake  


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