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October 18, 2006

baseballs and champions

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 10:52 pm

infielderF Detroit Tigers baseball fan(atic) Ed Markowski has a lot more to cheer about than usual this year. If you’re like Ed, you’re anticipating the start of the Major League Baseball World Series this weekend. This is, naturally, the perfect time to point you again to f/k/a‘s Baseball Haiku Page. Ed has many poems on that page and he’s been inspired lately to write a few more. Here is a handful of old and new ones:

first red leaves
i swing late
on a change-up

season’s end
a popcorn bag’s pop
through a stadium corridor

two crows
settle on the foul pole…
100th loss

“red hots!”
for an instant i’m ten
father’s still alive

bases loaded
no one out…..
the pitcher
blows a bubble

. . . . . . . . . . . . by Ed Markowski EdMarkowski
“bases loaded” – Haiku Sun (Issue X, Jan. 2004)

baseball Meanwhile, Roberta Beary dropped a note recently to remind me that women haijin also write baseball/ softball haiku and senryu. That’s something haikuEsq learned long ago. For example:

nearly dark–

snow deepens

on the baseball field

warm beer–

heat lightning flickers

beyond the outfield

. . . . . . by billie wilson

“nearly dark” – Acorn 15 (2005)

“warm beer” – frogpond (2004)

Happily, Roberta sent along a couple samples of her own:

tryouts —

the softball sails over

my daughter’s glove

spring thaw

a pinecone rolls

to first base

. . . . and we’re adding a Halloween bonus: pumpkin

Halloween twilight

army helicopters

fill the sky

. . . . . . . . by Roberta Beary – “tryouts” – shiki kukai, November 2004

spring thaw” – shiki kukai, March 2005

“Halloween twilight” – shiki kukai, Oct. 2001

at bat Since we’ve just talked about championships, Roberta, and Halloween, I should take the time to let you know that Ms. Beary has again shown her championship style — winning first place in the 2006 Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi Memorial Contest for yuki teikei haiku. Here’s the most excellent First Place haiku:

Halloween twilight
again this year my son waits
alone by the door

p.s. Due to website technicalities, I can no longer add to our Baseball Haiku Page, but hope to start a second one soon. All of our Honored Guest Poets are hereby requested to send more baseball haiku for inclusion. thanks.

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