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August 10, 2006

a frogpond kind of day

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There’s no better way to spend an August day than browsing the newest issue of Frogpond (Journal of the Haiku Society of America) with a few friends, alongside a real frog-and-lily pond.  I’m going to head for just such a spot, right down the road in Duanesburg, New York.

………………………………………………………………………………  froglegs

Since I can’t take you with me, I’m going to leave you with some of the fine poetry, selected with care by editor John Stevenson, for the Spring/Summer 2006 edition of Frogpond (XXIX: 2), and written by a few of f/k/a‘s Honored Guests.


small town
my accent starts
a conversation



outdoor lecture–
a sparrow
takes my students away

Yu Chang
“small town” – frogpond XXIX: 1 (2006)
“outdoor lecture” – frogpond XXIX: 2 (2006)


camping alone one star then many




a long trip
the final flip
of the map


jim kacian – frogpond XXIX: 2 (2006)


tonight’s hotel room —
the stain on the rug
nothing to worry about



not much to the splash —
the heat
around the pond


gary hothamfrogpond XXIX: 2 (2006)  froglegsF




early morning love
the glow
of the chandelier





spring green
a park bench stranger
returns my grin 


. . . . pamela miller ness – frogpond XXIX: 2 (2006) 





too late
for the autumn colors
home town visit  




circle of pines
God absent
from the wedding vows




winter camelia
she’s surprised to see me
. . . whoever I am


Carolyn Hallfrogpond XXIX: 2 (2006) 
(“circle of pine” – chosen as best poem from frogpond XXIX: 1)


at eye level —
I lift my face





groundbreaking —
a clump of weeds
flung aside


frogpond   peggy willis lylesfrogpond XXIX: 2 (2006) 




morning drizzle
the shifting shape
of the apple sack


late spring walk
flattened grass
where the ewe was sheared


paul m – frogpond XXIX: 2 (2006)  




almost sunset
the weekend dad
drags a sled up the hill





tangerine —
her citrus-scented fingers


David Giacalone, a/k/a dagosan, frogpond XXIX: 2 (2006)   


frogondLogo  Reminder:  The journal Frogpond is an official publication of The Haiku Society of America. Its primary function is to publish the best in contemporary English-language haiku and senryu, linked forms including sequences, renku, rengay and haibun, essays and articles on these forms, and book reviews.   You will receive three issues each year of Frogpond as part of your Haiku Socety of America membership; the annual fee for those in the U.S.A. is $33.  Frogpond is a great value, and if you love haiku and related forms of poetry, receiving it in your mailbox is always a delight. 


p.s.  If you’re looking for something a little drier than a frogpond, roadrunnerAA  we suggest the latest edition (VI: 3) of Roadrunner Haiku Journal, where editors Jason Sanford Brown and Scott Metz have unveiled a new design at a new web location:  [roadrunner image by aurora antonovich]

Naturally, the ubiquitously luminous Carolyn Hall is one of the featured haijin in roadrunner VI:3.  Here’s one of her three poems:


new yoga stretch
floood waters begin
to recede


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  1. Thanks David, for the plug! We always appreciate it!

    Comment by Jason — August 13, 2006 @ 10:49 pm

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