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July 14, 2006

of breezes and fireflies

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 5:00 pm


July is proving just how hot and humid it can be, throughout much of the eastern and midwestern United States.  With the help of f/k/a‘s Honored Guest Poets, haikuEsq offers summer distractions that we hope will bring more than momentary relief.


a sea breeze
through the oleanders–
long afterglow


the third-note rise
of a towhee’s song
fragrant breeze


Gershwin’s lullaby
magnolia petals ladle


  peggy willis lyles – To Hear the Rain  & “a sea breeze” – Snapshots Haiku Magazine #10 (2001)


Warm breeze
the colt’s erection nuzzles
a daisy




Stifling heat
a palm frond suggests
there is a breeze


the backyard shade
a small gust brings coolness
and a white petal

George Swede 
  “Warm breeze” – from Taboo Haiku: An International Selection  (2005)
   “stifling heat” – The Heron’s Nest (Dec. 2005)
   “backyard shade” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2006)


wilting hay –
thermals shift a kite
from row to row



afternoon heat
a chapel door
half open



  matt morden 
   “wilting hay – ”  Morden Haiku (June 17, 2006)
   “afternoon heat” – Morden Haiku (July 8, 2006)



prairie breeze–
the girl’s ponytail
as she rides a horse




heat wave–
the cow’s udder
hangs in the pond

   DeVar Dahl  – “prairie breeze” – Shiki Monthly Kukai (Jan. 2006)
    “heat wave” – from Basho Mem. Museum (English selections, 2005)




proud host
his orchard bursting
with fireflies




summer day
a seat in the movies
away from others

 john stevenson
   “proud host” – Some of the Silence
    “summer day” – Upstate Dim Sum (2004/II)


summer breeze
the criss-cross of gull tracks
in damp sand




midday heat
one petal of the red poppy

   pamela miller ness    “summer breeze” – The Heron’s Nest (Oct. 2000)
      “midday heat” from Summerday, Puget Sound, a haiku sequence





in the beach breeze
my travels forgotten…
evening cool




a softly blowing
world-improving breeze…
fireflies flit


    kobayashi issa, translated by David G. Lanoue


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