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June 21, 2006

one breath at a time

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f/k/a‘s Punditry Hiatus continues, so you still won’t find commentary or carping at the top of the page, despite this new posting.  haikuEsq will, however, roll out of his hammock occasionally to bring you more one-breath poetry from our Honored Guest Poets — they are too much of a treasure to keep them hidden during our down time.

Therefore, new haiku and senryu (along with tanka and short haibun) will be added to the top of this page on an irregular schedule.  The f/k/a Gang will stay out of the way and let our haijin friends advocate for their art, one breath at a time

Let’s start with a dozen poems contributed to the June 2006 edition (Vol. VIII: 2) of The Heron’s Nest by some of f/k/a‘s favorite haiku poets:


New Year’s Day
the center of the chocolate
not what I expected



vast blue sky
     we empty
     her closets

        by Carolyn Hall, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)


a penny for my thoughts?
the fireflies
of last summer  



midwinter thaw
last night I dreamed
my dad was alive 

     by John Stevenson, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)


mother’s day
a nurse unties
the restraints

   by Roberta Beary, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)



starlit sky
are you sure
we are alone

   by Yu Chang, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)



clear night —
snow shifts
on the windowpane 



choosing the sunniest spot
to fill my tank

   by Hilary Tann, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)



night fading away —
new snow in the playground

   by Gary Hotham, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)


sweet-grass braids
we bury Grandmother
without her wig

  by Andrew Riutta, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)



more snow . . .
the brittleness
of the wishbone

   by Alice Frampton, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)



in the backyard shade
a small gust brings coolness
and a white petal

   by George Swede, The Heron’s Nest (VIII: 2, 2006)


+ You’ll find many more fine haiku at The Heron’s Nest.

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