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April 26, 2006

AAI issues Paper on AMD v. Intel and will hold Press Conference

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As Vitaly Friedman asserted last year, “The stage is set for the biggest tech

battle in years: the antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD against rival Intel.”  Last week,

various sources noted that a Timeline has been set for the AMD/Intel case. (see

The TechReport, April, 21, 2006; Slashdot. April 21, 2006; via Antitrust Review,

 April 22, 2006).  TechReport noted

“A protective order designed to limit information disclosure in order

to protect trade secrets will be submitted on May 22. The parties

will meet again in September to agree on a trial date, and the cut-

off for document production will take place on December 31, 2006.”

NoloSharkSF “noloSharkS”


While others are reporting on surface issues, the American Antitrust Institute‘s

Senior Fellow, Jonathan Rubin, has prepared an 18-page analysis titled 

(April 25, 2006), which “describes the federal court case of AMD v. Intel, providing

background on the industry, on the case itself, and on the international context of

the case and of monopolization doctrine.”

“The primary purpose of this AAI Briefing Paper is to highlight the signifi-

cance of AMD v. Intel as a case that will affect virtually the entire high-

technology sector of the global economy while at the same time it will

have a dramatic effect worldwide on the jurisprudence of the law concerning

dominant firms. This AAI Briefing Paper provides background both on the

case itself and on a variety of developments in the monopolization field that

provide further context.



In addition, tomorrow, Thursday (April 27, 2006), Jon Rubin, Bob Lande, and AAI

President Bert Foer will do a telephonic press conference to summarize the paper

and take questions from the press


update: The telephone press conference will be held:

11:00 a.m. EDT (8:00 a.m. PDT) on Thursday, April 27th

  – Dial-in:  (866) 814-8478

  – Outside the USA: (703) 639-1371 

For more information, contract

Jonathan Rubin, author of the Briefing Paper

(202) 415-0616


Bert Foer, AAI President  

phone  (202) 276-6002 


or Prof. Robert H. Lande (U. Balt. Law) 

(301) 585-5229



                                                                               NoloSharkSFN   “noloSharkSN”




a battle royal
with radishes…



scrawny frog, fight on!
to the rescue






in plum blossom scent
they stop fighting…




in plum blossom scent
they stop fighting…







liesure time–
in cherry blossom shade
picking fights




fighting the mountain wind
on foot…
a wren


translated by David G.Lanoue   




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