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April 12, 2006

markowski: in your ear & “at the ballgame”

Filed under: Haiku or Senryu — David Giacalone @ 2:31 pm

What a treat. Joe Harnett, longtime radio host of “The Old BallGame“,

has a website by that name that is constantly refreshed with new

lore and literature about baseball — with audio versions of many fine

short stories, comic routines, managerial rants and more. This week,

he added readings of 20 baseball-related poems by our Honored Guest

buddy ed markowski.


The Old Ballgame

Joe says:

“To my ear, there is something about the Haiku and baseball

that seems to fit so very well. Listen and maybe you’ll agree.

I picked out about 20 that I loved and they are here just for you.”


Most of the selections already appear on our f/k/a Baseball Haiku page.

But hearing them so well rendered orally adds a great new dimension. (The

only thing we’d do differently is to leave out the Asian sounds — Ed’s poetry

and the game sounds are All-American.)

infielderG You can click directly to hear Cut One Cut One and Cut Two Cut Two (of the four original cuts).

Here are three winners from ed that I had never seen

before, which Joe presents at The Old Ballgame:

April rain
my grandson practices
his infield chatter


Seattle sunset
Ichiro sends one
toward the Sea of Japan

first baseman’s autograph
my grandson says,
“i’m the luckiest kid in the world”

ed markowski, The Old BallGame (April 2006)

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