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January 25, 2006

speak Bocce?

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 3:03 pm

Our Referer/Came-from statistics page is always leading us into distraction

of temptation.  Yesterday, it led us into some extra-legal bocce fun  Some-

body did a Google Blog Search for bocce> and ended up at this website. 

We’re delighted to see, only four months after declaring ourselves to be

bocce advocates, that the top three results came from f/k/a.


As is our wont, we checked out some of the other results and want to

share with you some of our findings — which did not necessarily relate to

big balls and little balls.





tiny check  First, If you are under 20 and over 40 years old, you should probably

stay away form the International League of Extreme Bocce, which

specializes in “Reckless Urban Beyond-Lawn Bowling. “


tiny check Second, thanks to Emily Gaston’s weblog, we learned that last

December, Star Wars the Musical was unveiled.  One of the tune,

available for MP3 downloading, is “Do You Speak Bocce?”  In the

scene, Uncle Owen is looking for a droid that speaks Bocce, and

breaks into song upon examining one unit:

Do you speak Bocce?
Do you speak Bocce –
not Splocce, not Blocce,
not Crocce.
Do you speak Bocce?
Do you speak Bocce?

I hope our Fool in the Forest friend will give us a review of the

score and book in the near future.




tiny check Last, but far from least, we discovered that Miba Whiber of


To save my weblogging colleagues some time, I’ve compiled

sentences that they might find particularly useful.  At the end,

there are some we all may need:


tiny check  Here are English-to-Bocce phrases for:


George Wallace at Declarations & Exclusions

& Martin Grace at RiskProf:

I do not want the collision insurance and medical coverage.
Noy’meetix goyatoixee he manux ii mediizal.


I have insurance.
Kazz ma kazz.


The payment is in the HoloNet.
Ker pazet on bpnip Holonot.


Evan Schaeffer at The Legal Underground

My program is faster because I have the

latest moomaws.
Bixtix hit yilly rev moomaws.

My neighbor is spacesick.
Zee dopi peeza peeza.


Scheherazade at Stay of Executiion

What do you do?
Finitez cetex detox?


Steve Bainbridge at Prof. Bainbridge & On Wine

Are there good drinks on board?
Openex co pakaz di hunhiy?




I’d like to rent a Legion Condor EX.
Kizzee mit rentaz hu Legion Condor EX.  


Matt Homann at the [non]billable hour

Can I upgrade to first class?
Keez meeza foy wunclaz?


Benjamin & Mark at Language Log:

Do you speak Basic?
Bazi batza Bazic?


Carolyn Elefant at My Shingle

Can you turn the gravity down a little?
Peez doz gravorti dow pinti?


How do I exit this spaceport?
Deeza va deeza copex?


Ben Cowgill at BC’s Legal Ethics

Can you send a pilot to guide me in?
Mil weez joto ne dimiix?


The Editor at Blawg Review.  

What are my coodinates?   restrooms
Motex coff keez hopiz?


Nancy Stinson in the Stark County Law Library


Will the bill list the title of the holo?
Beetix fo fee fi nototex ge holo?



Walter Olson at  

Send help!
Geewaaz hokokeez!


Mike Cernovich at Crime & Federalism

When are we going to get there?
Hwen dorix bijunize?


oilCanHFs Monica Bay at The Common Scold

Move aside and stop hogging the space lane!
Jeeza goz dobo ipinahex colax!


That _____ is in my seat.
Cee ____ feeth ur nockneez.


Denise, Dennis, Tom,

Marty & Ernie at Between Lawyers:

My droids will talk to your droids.
Keliza l’gik droi to talk droi.


Will we be jumping to hyperspace?
Tuz de ju mugee hyperaaze?


To Paul Caron at TaxProfBlog:

May I have a receipt?
Tirez meez canto ripit?


Another hot towel, please.
Kitex co kopad nikozax, bleeze.


JR at Jeremy Richey‘s weblog:

That scratch was there when I rented the ship.
Zat x’ratch keezo bopaz ha sheep.


The eponymous David Maister,:

I am vice president and systems consultant for
personnel development and managment consulting.
Lyo waza kinateze u kuntatezaz
u pizolooiz un tazax goniteezex.


Lisa Stone at Inside Opinions:

This is ____.
Deemeezz bo treeza ____.



Of course, there are quite a few we could all use:

I will get back to you on that one.
Vitex fo gobaj ka zu zux.  I

Where is my luggage?
Infinez topi lopiz?


Where is my seat?
Infinez tope ur nockneez?


Clear the landing zone!
Kiz kiz fee dolomitex!


Can you turn the gravity up a little?
Peez doz gravorti oop pinti?


I am spacesick.
Meez peeza peeza.





I don’t know yet if Hilary Tann speaks bocce,

but I’m hoping she’ll learn soon.  Until then,

she sure does speak haiku & senryu:


river mist

shadows of the geese

I hear





radio interview

the candidate

adjusts her hair







my dog’s nose

to the ground



weekday morning

gulls gather

round the ice-fishing hole






first warm day

looking for eagles

and finding the sky




bocce blind date –

she smashes into 

my male ego






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