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December 12, 2005

there are no bad questions, but . . .

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 7:16 pm

 . . . there are plenty of bad haiku (and I’ve written a few).   “Ed,” the

ubiquitous figure behind Blawg Review, frequently torments haikuEsq

by sending him pointers to websites containing truly dreadful doggerel

that have been designated as “haiku” by the ignorant or the playful. (go

here, for info on the definition of real haiku)




Over the weekend, hoping that your Editor would be inspired to link to

this week’s Blawg Review #36 at AutoMuse, BR‘s Ed sent us links to the

haiku page at npr’s Car Talk — go here at your own literary peril.  Although

there may be an accidental senryu or two in the group, Tommy and Ray

Magliozzi have basically proven their motto that there are no bad questions,

only bad answers (or responses).


Needless to say, even though Blawg Review #36 includes two links to

f/k/a posts from last week, haikuEsq has not been convinced it deserves

a nod from this serious weblog.  We’re not that easily bribed (inquire within

for bribery particulars, or make an offer).




funeral procession . . .

snowflakes blowing

into the headlights



pickup g


pumpkin pie aroma

from the back seat–

Kansas sunrise ahead






load of seedwheat–

pumping old brakes

all the way down the hill




from School’s Out (Press Here, 1999) 






Randy Brooks bonus:


heat clicks


the wavering fern






praising the hostess,


in his moustache



   from School’s Out





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