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November 19, 2005

fill ‘er up

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 10:23 pm


winter coming on–

a man hitchhiking south

in his wheelchair






rural interstate–

all the other cars

exit together








rooster crowing

two old soldiers

at the bar





“winter” & “rural” – Fresh Scent (Brooks Books, 1998) 

“rooster crowing” – Modern Haiku (Autumn 2005)




  • by dagosan                                         


full morning moon —

the working girl’s

gauzy blouse





Thanksgiving rush —

not as late

as that flock of geese



 [Nov. 19, 2005]



coffee cup gray  potluck

tiny check After a long drive to visit my parents (early Thanksgiving),

I sure need a mug of coffee.  Thank goodness the good folk at

Harvard say its okay (Harvard Gazette, “Coffee gets cleared of 

blood pressure risk – but not caffeinated colas,” Nov. 10, 2005):

Relax ladies and, possibly, gentlemen. Have that

second cup of coffee. The largest study to date

concludes that the caffeine won’t raise your risk

of high blood pressure. However, too much soda

pop, sugared or diet, might.  


Women who drink more than three cups of coffee a

day are less likely to develop high blood pressure

than those who drink four or more cans of caffeinated

soda a day.


tiny check  While we fight the Dignity Police of the legal profession,

George Wallace and John Gardner taken on “immoral fiction.”

                                                                                                                                                  pickup g


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