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November 3, 2005

three law firms give up their “Dream Team” joint p/i ads

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On August 4, 2003, ethicalEsq offered a bit of free antitrust advice to four lawyers,

from three NY Capital Region law firms, who were about to launch a giant joint-

Calling themselves The Dream Team, the already-successful and high-profile p/i

lawyers were on tv screens and billboards for several months. 

The self-proclaimed “Dream Team” included: E. Stewart Jones from Troy, 

Steve Coffey and Tom DiNovo of Albany’s O’Connell & Aronowitz, and 

                                                                                                               napper gray sm


We’ve been wondering what happened to The Dream Team — whose individual

firms have been again advertising separately — and the answer came in an article 

this Sunday from the Albany Times Union — “Lawyer team’s dream ended in squab-

ble over ad’s wording,” by Carol DeMare, Oct. 30, 2005)   As the article explains:

“The Dream Team lasted only three or four months. The Com-

mittee on Professional Standards, which monitors attorneys’ conduct,

questioned the advertisement and “said it could be misleading,” Coffey

said Friday. The committee told the lawyers that “people might not be

sure if they were getting three firms or one firm,” Coffey said.  . . . 


“To avoid confusion, the commercials began carrying a disclaimer that

only one of the three firms would be involved with a case, chosen on a

revolving basis, Coffey said.




“Initially, the committee appeared satisfied. “But then they called back

and said, ‘No, we don’t think your disclaimer will work. We don’t think

the Dream Team of three firms will work,”‘ Coffey said.”

According to Coffey, it was a “successful campaign” with “a tremendous amount

of feedback. . . It was very well received, people liked it, were very happy with it.”

Nonetheless, Team members decided not to appeal the issue to the Appellate

Division of the Supreme Court, despite Coffey wanting to challenge it “on the basis

of First Amendment right of freedom of association.”  Coffey continued:

“I thought we had the right to do it. I didn’t think it was misleading at

all and, if so, we could correct it. But, overall, we made a business

decision that it wasn’t worth it.”


“It was a concept as far as I know never adopted by anyone else

in the country, a great concept.”



Well, we don’t think this will help the Dream Team’s image — three law firms with

hard-hitting tv ads and tough images, who can’t find the gumption to defend their

purported constitutional rights in order to protect a successful marketing tool.  For

the reasons we gave two years ago, we believe there were plenty of antitrust issues

surrounding the joint venture that needed to be cleared up.  In addition, there was

indeed a great potential for consumer confusion.  


The team mates obviously didn’t have enough faith in the project to continue their

fight.  I think that’s the best result for Capital Region consumers, and I hope law

firms in other areas see this outcome and decide this “great concept” needs to

remain a dream rather than a reality.


tiny check  f/k/a’s Honored Guest Poets aren’t rivals.  But, any pair of them

clearly constitute a haiku Dream Team.  Here are Peggy Lyles

and paul m, to prove my point:




witnessing his will

the frost-hatched







chalk dust

in the eraser trough

autumn chill





blackboard abc




yellow leaves

a girl plays hopscotch

by herself




from To Hear the Rain (Brooks Books, 2002) 




fallen leaves

the rusty wheelbarrow

heavy with stones






coming nor’easter

all the coins

younger than me




penny sm   penny sm



we walk in silence

a sea stone

not there at high tide



“fallen leaves” – finding the way (Press Here, 2002)

“coming” & “we walk” – Roadrunner Haiku Journal V:2



  • by dagosan                                               

autumn wedding

sweeping up brown and yellow



[Nov. 3, 2005]

                                                                                                           ooh neg


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