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October 13, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — October 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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alito – 

the plaintiff’s bar









puffs from the right

huffs from the left




   [Oct. 31, 2005]





who are you


Goth kids trick-or-treating

                     [Oct. 31, 2005]





two pirates smooch

on the overpass — 

the Pumpkin Patrol rousts them


[Oct. 30, 2005]








October 30:

two wilted pumpkins

and all the candy gone


  [October 29, 2005]










her marriage?

she says

it’s fine


 [Oct. 27, 2005]








first date —

her eyes linger

on the rusted fender


 [Oct. 27, 2005]









out-patient exit —

taking home

a new sore throat










first snow this year —

strangers in hospital gowns

talk weather




   [Oct. 25, 2005]








rearview mirror–

the baby face

is gone

                          [Oct 24, 2005]









still blocking 

my river view —

a few red, stubborn leaves



[Oct. 23, 2005]







late for dinner


way past al dente


[Oct. 22, 2005]









first cold morning —

river mist mixes

with car exhaust










first cold day –

the same torn finger

on last year’s glove


[Oct. 21, 2005]





too cold for fireflies — 

campfire sparks

float over the rocks






Kashmir’s children

atop the rubble

under the rubble

[Oct. 20, 2005]  





my “funeral suit”

too snug —

someday, it’ll be baggy

                           [Oct. 19, 2005]






running for judge —

she practices

her braille


                           [Oct. 18, 2005]





autumn cycle

one red and one brown

sock in the tub










two rainbows

in one day —

no one to tell


[Oct. 18, 2005]  






her beer breath —


we both have headaches 



 [Oct. 17, 2005]













class reunion –

he leaves

his toupee home 



                  [Oct. 15, 2005]








in the middle

of the distraction —

an interruption




leaf-peepers ooh and ah —

why didn’t I

bring my gloves?



 [Oct. 14, 2005]      







half a tank —

above the gas pump

Old Glory in tatters


        [Oct. 13, 2005, hat tip

            to elizabeth macfarland]





cold autumn rain

spotting three yellow slickers

she smiles


[Oct. 12, 2005]  




you can’t carve that!

daddy snatches

the orange bocce ball


[Oct. 11, 2005]  






Columbus Day rain  —

first cozy evening

since Spring



[Oct. 9, 2005]









                               perched on

the sitting sumo’s belly —

one large pumpkin



[Oct. 8, 2005]









one arm under the pillow

only my hand




[Oct. 7, 2005]






heading toward sunset —

the migrating geese

left turn











stained glass window –

a stranger

in autumn twilight





“Historic District” sign –

textured asphalt

painted “brick red”



[Oct. 6, 2005]









icy bridge —

grandpa says

“if you skid, pump the brakes”



[Oct. 5, 2005]














oil prices

heading skyward

the noisy geese fly south



[Oct. 4, 2005]












an autumn day

too good to waste –

the factory whistle blows










tourboat –

one walker slowly sinks




[Oct. 3, 2005]







standing up 

book in hand —

one gull floats, flies, floats








used book —

someone else’s

coffee stain


[Oct. 2, 2005]








no fan

for two days —

now, it’s autumn



[Oct. 1, 2005]


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