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September 17, 2005

don’t forget to look up — harvest moon 2005

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 8:03 pm

don't forget tack Tonight’s full moon is the Harvest Moon (arriving at 10:01 PM, EDT). According to NASA:

The Harvest Moon is no ordinary full moon; it behaves in a special way. Throughout the year the Moon rises, on average, about 50 minutes later each day. But near the autumnal equinox, which comes this year on Sept. 22nd, the day-to-day difference in the local time of moonrise is only 30 minutes. The Moon will rise around sunset tonight — not long after sunset the next few evening.

That comes in handy for northern farmers who are working long days to harvest their crops before autumn. The extra dose of lighting afforded by the full Moon closest to the equinox is what gives the Harvest Moon its name.

The Harvest Moon lasts for three nights. Unless our local cloud cover breaks, I may have to postpone my moon-gazing until tomorrow.

This time last year, we had two days of Harvest Moon haiku, each dedicated to one of our weblawging colleagues, whose names are listed below. Master Issa provided the haiku last year. This year, f/k/a would like to welcome a few more webloggers to the celebration, using harvest moon haiku and senryu by our Honored Guests and our dagosan.

The following haiku are dedicated to:

guess who at Jeremy Richey’s Blawg

harvest moon–
the dog brings
a dirty sock to bed

……………………………. by Paul David Mena The Heron’s Nest (2001)

Stuart Camp at jd2b

three-headed stranger –

on his shoulders a pumpkin

and a harvest moon

………….. by dagosan

Monica Bay at The Common Scold

loved ones return home

a harvest moon rises

over the bridge

………………………. devar dahl A Piece of Eggshell

pumpkin2fLisa Stone at Inside Opinions

full moon
over harvested fields–
her water breaks

randy brooks – School’s Out

the formidable Professor Ann Althouse

harvest moon
wheat beyond the reach
of headlights

john stevenson – Upstate Dim Sum 2004/II

GAL the Greatest American Lawyer

I have swallowed
the autum stars
and I’m still hungry

john stevenson – Upstate Dim Sum 2005/I

John Steele at Legal Ethics Forum

double-dribble —

harvest moon hanging

on the rim

………………………………. dagosan

Ben “MIA” Cowgill at his Legal Ethics Blog full moon neg

harvest moon tonight —

the hostess stares

at the cloud cover

……………………………………………………… dagosan

Kevin J. Heller our TechLawAdvisor

hands cupping
cool spring water
harvest moon

paul m, 2nd place, Shiki Kukai (1997)

the ever-helpful j baumbart of j’s scratchpad

throwing stones at the

full orange moon —

the river recomposes


and the sharp-eyed Editor of Blawg Review

harvest moon
the thud of falling apples
in the night

jim kacianPresents of Mind

full moon reprise for George and Steve,

lovers of wine and mushrooms:

harvest moon–
the peddler selling
eight cent sake

the sake gone
time to buckle down
and moon-gaze

Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue

a nightlight

for our Gulf Coast friends —

Harvest Moon 2005

night game —

bocce balls kissing

the harvest moon

[Sept. 17, 2005]

The 2004 Harvest Moon Club:

Denise Howell at Bag&Baggage, Wm. J. Dyer of Beldar, Martin Grace at a tort et a travers,

Mike “Fed84” Cernovich at Crime & Federalism, our friend George Wallace of The Fool in the Forest,

B.J. Grenier at BenefitsBlog, Ken Lammers at CrimLaw, Jerry Lawson at eLawyerBlog, Ernie Svenson

THE attorney, UCL the Uncivil Litigator, Tom Mighell at Inter Alia, Evan Schaeffer at Legal Underground,

full moon

Ted Frank and Walter Olson at Overlawyered, Scheherazade Fowler at Stay of Execution, Nancy Stinson

at StarkCountyLawLib, Rick Klau at tins, Prof. Bainbridge at his eponymous weblog, Rufus B. Firefly at

Running with Lawyers, Dennis Kennedy of the snazzy new, Robert Ambrogi of LawSites,

Kevin O’Keefe at Real Lawyers Have, Stuart Levine at TaxBizLaw, Carolyn Elefant of MyShingle, TBP, Esq.

at unbillable hours, J. Craig Williams at May It Please the Court, Margaret Marks von Transblawg,

Howard Bashman at How Appealing, Matt Homann at the [non]billable hour, Steve Minor at SWVaLawBlog,

Jeralyn Merritt at TalkLeft, for Prof. Lessig at his Lessig Blog, Madeleine of Mad Kane, Glenn K. Garnes of

EsqLawTech, Marcia Oddi of the Indiana Law Blog, Genie Tyburski of VirtualChase .

tiny check Don’t forget to visit last year’s Harvest Moon haiku.

Click here for the excellent Shiki Kukai Harvest Moon haiku collection (Oct. 25, 1997).



  1. David:

    Thank you for the haiku and for including me in the celebration.

    Comment by JR — September 17, 2005 @ 10:31 pm

  2. David:

    Thank you for the haiku and for including me in the celebration.

    Comment by JR — September 17, 2005 @ 10:31 pm

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