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September 12, 2005

no answers

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the finished letter

in the envelope…

taken out again






on hold

branches in the window

wave wildly




black envelope 






cell phones

they find each other

in the mall




lingering in bed

the ceiling

has no answers

     from Upstate Dim Sum (2004/I) 


one pink pansy

in a gardenful of red —

first day of high school



[Sept. 12, 2005]




tiny check  I had the NPR coverage of the Roberts’ hearings on from  microphoneG

the opening to the close today.  Talk about lost opportunity costs — 

even three Legal Underground coffee mugfuls of caffeine could not 

forestall a nap after lunch.   Any of the Judiciary Committee Senators

who thought they’d grab the spotlight today with their opening remarks

were deluding themselves. 


tiny check  Speaking of coffee, I followed a pointer from Dave Gulbransen

and Blawg Review 23, to Mediation Mensch, making it my first-timer weblog

for this week.  Having been a mediation pioneer in my local area, I was very

interested in what Bostonian Dina Beach Lynch had to say.  Sadly, I was

disappointed.  First, Dina has not had a post since August 3rd.  More important,

her discussion “Do You Want to Be Starbucks or Seven-Eleven? brought

back all the qualms about branding (and luring the “quality” client) that I

raised in Brand Lex and related posts.   Lynch says her mediation practice

offers “affordable conflict resolution resource,” but she wants to offer the

ambiance of Starbucks, with its prices — and never even mentions whether

Seven-Eleven has good coffee.


tiny check  Katrina News:  Last Friday, I was very impressed with the viewers

of the NY Capital Region’s public radio station WAMC.   We don’t have the

population base of a major metropolitan area, but the station received over

half a million dollars in donations for Hurricane Katrina relief in less than 8

hours of on-air solicitation.  There were 4236 callers.  A lot of people care a lot.


laughing man small  Prof. Bainbridge is looking for humorous legal rules of thumb.

You must have an exact quote and a link.   Make your contribution. 



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