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September 12, 2005

it’s “terrible two’s” for Prof. B

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Last May, when f/k/a had its Second Blogiversary, we said:
“Just about everybody who’s anybody has already had his or her

2nd (or third) weblog anniversary.”  Well, Steve Bainbridge was

one very big somebody whose weblog had not yet reached the

ripe age of two.   

crawl and laugh–
from this morning on
a two year old!


   translated by David G. Lanoue


“blowcandlesN”  As of yesterday, though, Prof. officially

entered its terrible two’s.  Naturally, that may mean an increase

in temper tantrums or bed-wetting episodes. The experts advise an

escalating response when two-year-olds behave badly — Distraction,

Separation, Explanation, Compromise, and (only if he‘s likely to hurt

himself) Punishment.  I’m not one of those Liberals who believes in

spoiling kids.  Nonetheless, I’m inclined to cut Prof. B a bit more slack

as he goes through this next developmental stage. .  


Congratulations, Steve, and thanks for keeping your weblog interesting

and provocative!   That’s no Snow job.



they crinkle

when he’s restless —

the two-year old’s plastic sheets


                dagosan   [Sept. 11, 2005]





empty bottle

a few words

I would like to take back


           John Stevenson

             from Upstate Dim Sum  (2002/I)


                                                                                                                                                     bainbridgePix  two much!



p.s.    On an almost-totally unrelated note, the American Antitrust Institute

has released Comments by Prof. Beth Farmer of Penn State, which were

sent last week to Sen. Arlen Specter on Nominee John Roberts and Antitrust

After going through the available record, Prof. Farmer recommended that

AAI take no position on the nomination as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. 

She concluded:

“In general, Judge Roberts’s judicial record in antitrust cases is thin,

his experience as an antitrust litigator and appellate advocate appears

typical of large firm practice, the positions argued in these cases appear

to be within the mainstream of modern antitrust argument, and his scholarly

publications on competition issues are limited. The public record available

to me does not indicate that Judge Roberts harbors a radical view of antitrust,

or indeed that competition law has been one of his specialties. Members of the

advisory board may have worked with Judge Roberts as expert witnesses, co-

counsel or opposing counsel during his career in private practice and with the

Justice Department, and may be able to offer more opinions on his likely record

in future antitrust cases. Based on the record discussed below, I do not recommend

that AAI take any position on this nomination to the Supreme Court.”


wine the old priest dines

                his wine

                just wine


                             David G. Lanoue

                              from the thin curve 


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