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August 28, 2005

watch us tip

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 9:23 pm

While he’s been gone on vacation, I’ve missed the many haiku gifts

(and kind critiques) so often left here by ed markowski.  Ed and Laurice

are back home from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and apparently

had a great time.   Ed says he found this pearl “on the pier at Marquette



lake mist

a woman drops rose petals

over the seawall


He should hang out on more piers.  I don’t know

where he “found” this trio, but I hope he goes

back for more:



only the waterfall

just as it was…

second honeymoon



                       river house flip


northwoods curio shop

         every crystal trinket

                    made in taiwan





on the riverbank

a goose and her goslings

watch us tip



“only the waterfall” – haikuworld’s shiki kukai winner (Aug. 2005)




  • by dagosan                                               


aging veggies

in the fridge —

I break a few eggs



[Aug. 28, 2005]




 canoeing pair small neg  potluck

tiny check The unknown but omnipotent Editor of Blawg Review has responded to my

recent musings about that project with a very helpful Comment, which gives a good

explanation of how postings are chosen for inclusion in each weekly edition. 


tiny check    That hurts so good:  Walter Olson’s not greedy.  He’d even let Russell Crowe    CroweOscar   

throw a telephone at him for a lot less than a million dollars.  Of course, broadcasting his offer 

at raises a few issues relating to permissive touching and assumption of

risk.  On the other hand, I’m pretty sure there are plenty of good tort lawyers who’d work pro

bono for Walter. 


tiny check  Prof. B. may have to start rattling his tip jar big time on behalf of the Seattle Catholic Diocese. 

“Seattle Churches can be sold to pay debt, judge rules” (Seattle Times, Aug. 27, 2005, via Point of Law). 

How much is a church worth on the open real estate market?   I do feel bad for the parishioners who

will now face much uncertainty.   However, the conspiracy of silence between bishops and priests,

along with the “see no evil” attitude of the too-faithful, created this fiscal mess for the Church.


coin plate





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