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August 12, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — August 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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two days

after the hurricane —

tears for strangers


                          [Aug. 31, 2005]













litigation bags —

the associate’s

half-closed eyes


                     [Aug. 31, 2005]










sticky sunrise —

waking to an empty

ice cream carton


                     [Aug. 30, 2005]














sudden scent

of moth balls —

the widow’s open window


                     [Aug. 29, 2005]









aging veggies

in the fridge —

I break a few eggs



        [Aug. 28, 2005]













clearing out 

the spider webs —

again, I spare the cricket

              [Aug. 27, 2005]








scratching my back —

one more job

for the scarecrow


         [Aug. 26, 2005]  








backyard bocce –

tonight we’re

the noisy neighbors










grandpa’s smile

vanishes —

one flattened tomato plant












the red ball is closest —

sunset distracts

the green team









twilight —

not even the dog

can find the pallina






girls against guys —

who knew

white wine improves your aim?









late August —

she switches 

my fan to low speed


[Aug. 24, 2005]  










no impatiens this year —


the lazy neighbor


      [Aug. 23, 2005]














rounding the curve —

an almost-full moon

rolls back into view

[Aug.22, 2005]  










the power boat’s wake —

a pair of ducks

gets goosed



[Aug. 21, 2005]











end of August —

bees shun

the wrinkled roses


      [Aug. 20, 2005]









something I said?

the cricket’s

gone, too


        [Aug. 19, 2005]











six ducks

on a river log —

seven dawdlers

 [Aug. 18, 2005]      








bathtub cricket,

where do you go

while I shower?


         [Aug. 17, 2005]  




                       “assembly agita”:


“easy to assemble
I put it back and
grab a teddybear






first night on campus —

mom’s gone 

and the bed’s still in its box







setting up the creche —

the Baby’s name

whispered over and over



[Aug. 17, 2005]








after the rain —

a three-quarter moon

over the closed five-n-dime



    [Aug. 16, 2005]










shopping for sweet corn —

the attractive stranger

is very choosy


              [Aug. 15, 2005]









sunday night rain —

the church lady curses

headlights with halos


      [Aug. 14, 2005]











lemon-ice stand —

the lawyer-dad looks for

a Brain Freeze Warning


             [Aug. 13, 2005]










the old couple’s legs –

skinny and white as


[Aug. 12, 2005]










from the shower,

a sad love song —

bathtub cricket



[Aug. 11, 2005]











firefly season ends —

the freshman

packs her car



     [Aug. 10, 2005, for megan & katie]










a golden sliver of moon —

her wedding ring




        [Aug. 9, 2005]









rattle, whir, hum —

three-fan night

in August


[Aug. 8, 2005]










balmy Sunday —

alone indoors

with one fat housefly



            [Aug. 7, 2005]





first-date daisies

she never mentions

they’re wilting


             [Aug. 6, 2005]




the grocery bag spills

blueberries . . . . . . r    o    l     l

bananas don’t


           [Aug. 5, 2005]









her thirty-year-old

photo — my nag finishes

out of the money

[Aug.4, 2005]  





postcard sunset —








                  [Aug. 3, 2005]









the sweaty tenant

the sweating

toilet seat



            [Aug. 2, 2005]










stars fading –

she says I resemble

that aging actor



[Aug. 1, 2005]  








two squirrels play tree tag —

slow moving

Saturday night



[Aug. 1, 2005]  



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