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April 6, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — April 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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the nine-year-old’s

best shoes

the puddle-covered sidewalk


                      [April 30, 2005]



new kids moving in —

do I dare










storm clouds gather — 

city hall tower

just stands there









the neighbor’s new dress     

   that moment you forget

                  you’re twice her age





[April 29, 2005]








the kids suddenly

like macaroons



[April 29, 2005]





twin beds arrive

– – –

– – –

she says it’s ’cause I snore





gray and rainy —

the passers-by




[April 27, 2005]


one sparrow

along the river —

squinting, there’s no city


                          [April 26, 2005]








spring sun behind clouds —

too much makeup

on her still-lovely face


                           [April 25, 2005]




Earth Day —

recycled bottles

in a three-car garage                  

                                     [April 24, 2005]






rainy Saturday —

the chirping robin

needs a date, too

                              [April 22, 2005]









first-date stroll

April tulips

still closed tight

                                                       [April 22, 2005]








haven’t seen her

in 30 years —

sending one more chaste email

                                                                                 [April 21, 2005]





my long-lived elders —

a couple extra decades

of dementia 

                                                       [April 20, 2005]








cursing last year’s

unraked leaves —

the dogwood blossoms

                                                       [April 19, 2005]









perfect line-drive

over second base —

coach says I swang late


                      [April 18, 2005]










the young man’s

erotic dream —

the old man’s bladder wakes him

                                                                    [April 18, 2005]






just another

Sunday stroll — until

the flower box pansies

                           [April 17, 2005]



spring’s first mosquito

lands on my cheek —

the neighbor waves back









admissions week —

two fat envelopes

and two skinny ones


                              [April 16, 2005]











squinting to see him —

another generation

sent to right field


                              [April 15, 2005]















snowman’s hat

in the muddy field —

the hatless scarecrow


                              [April 14, 2005]


















first good

porch-settin’ day —

her outside voice at the door



[April 13, 2005]













for the alarm to buzz —

sunbeams warm my ear

                [April 12, 2005]










the first

jetski of spring —

seagulls scatter


                [April 10, 2005]













to the passing teens

— can’t shoo the pigeons                


                                     [April 9, 2005]








home from the wake —

a robin perched

on the newly-toppled tree


                               [April 8, 2005]













mom’s arthritis

acting up —

I take two Advil


                    [April 7, 2005]











upstairs tenant

clears his throat

i turn on the exhaust fan


                    [April 6, 2005]












now it’s Spring:


melting on the dashboard


                    [April 5, 2005]









the river’s back

within its banks —

her look of disappointment


                    [April 4, 2005]










such thick roots —

the flooding river

topples the giant oak


                         [April 3, 2005]













April rain —


the river’s coming to me


                                [April 2, 2005]







April 1 —

no one here

to make a fool of me









first scull of the year

arms ache

just waving












last day of March

her pink slip

no prank

             [April 1, 2005]


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