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April 6, 2005

before we charge our batteries

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 3:20 pm

– there’s been too much prolix punditry around here lately, so

i owe you more haiku than usual –






a bit of birdsong

before we start

our engines











since you moved

just a road

I don’t go down

John Stevenson






20,000 feet

    sunrise so close

       I can touch the light














sculpture park
between Romeo & Juliet
a robin’s nest

“20,000 feet” from  pink light, sleeping (1998)

“sculpture park” – HaikuCanada Newsletter 







6 innings

8 beers

  o  b  e  e  d

b   b  l  h  a











saturday rain                             

my daughter fingerpaints                           

her step father’s face


“6 innings” from games (pawEprint 78) 





upstairs tenant

clears his throat

i turn on the exhaust fan


                    [April 6, 2005]



 sleuthSm  I agree with Orin Kerr that the new easy availability of satellite mapping 

of particular locations — as offered now at Google Maps — will will become quite

troubling from the privacy perspective  “if and when the resolution of the maps improves.”



tiny check HALT gives quick reviews of the newest tax-preparation software here.

Follow-up: HALT has put together a Living Wills Clearinghouse, now found

on its Home Page, saying “Due to the explosion of interest in living wills

as a result of the Terri Schivao crisis, HALT is offering free living wills for

consumers in every state. Filled out properly, a living will is a powerful tool

to ensure that you receive only the care you want if you become unable to

express your wishes.”   In addition to general information about Living Wills,

there is a brochure Durable Power of Attorney: Do You Need One?  [See our

prior post “you don’t have to pay for a living will.”]

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